Spring Into Season

The Spring-like weather has done nothing but get me dreaming about new clothes for the change of season. Being a little limited for money at the moment has been a bit of an issue though, but I figured a trip to Primark for a few bits would be pretty harmless right? Hello new clothes! Okay its only two new tops but its a start!


Clearly I was in a very peach/coral mood yesterday. I love the colours of these two tops and the fact that they are both very feminine and pretty. I liked the laced top because it feels quite light, and it doesn’t cling to your body so it looks fairly flattering when you put it on. 


I love clothes with flowery patterns, so obviously I like how the lace forms the shape of a flower. I think that this top, well actually both the tops here could be worn casually but also dressed up.


The first thing I noticed about the other top was the pretty collar, I really like the peter pan collar look, and this one is particularly nice because its got a wavy shape. Very pretty. It was also very comfortable when I tried it on, nothing clingy or tight.


I also liked the subtle touch of plum colouring in the top, whenever there is a subtle colour in a piece of clothing I love to find ways to bring the colour out with accessories or makeup. So I think I will have fun adding some purple/plum coloured accessories to this outfit. The faux buttons down the middle give the top an overall polished look.


I’m looking forward to giving them both a wear soon! I’m also looking forward to adding lots more pretty Spring clothes to my wardrobe soon hopefully Winking smile

Oh and one more little thing from my trip to Primark. This lantern for my allotment!


Doesn’t it just spell out ‘Spring’ ? Its so cute and for £2 I wasn’t saying no!

Have you bought anything ready for Spring yet? x


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