Pug Stats–Fifteen Weeks

Welcome to another edition of pug statistics, its all about the number fifteen today, its the fifteenth of March and also Polly’s fifteenth week! I know I say this every post, but boy she is getting big! I had to do a quick post last week so I only had chance to throw some numbers out there and a few pictures. I didn’t get onto talking about how she’s getting on, but I am making up for that in this weeks post. Not only is she growing physically but she really is becoming quite the little character.


Firstly lets start with a weekly measure up! Tape measure and pug at the ready…

Here are her current measurements:
– Height – 8” / 20.3cm.
– Neck – 11”/ 27.9cm.
– Tummy – 14”/ 35.5cm.
– Leg (Front) – 6”/ 15.2cm.
– Body (Neck to tail) – 10”/ 25.4cm.

Not a lot of growing from last week, but I swear she seems bigger! I’ve said before that she doesn’t seem to grow a lot in one week, but if you look across a bigger time span the growth is a lot clearer. For example, if we look back to my first pug stats post, when Polly was only nine weeks old, you can see that she’s grown about three inches in most areas! If you actually look at how much three inches is, that’s a fair amount of growth for a little pup!



 Polly’s Habits.

We’re now reaching the stage with Polly where we feel comfortable in taking her out a bit more. Her training is coming along brilliantly, she is behaving really well and above all there isn’t the fear that she won’t be able to control her bladder when we’re out in public. You may have read about how our trip to the seaside went down excellently with humans and pug a like and since then I think we’re all feeling a lot more confident about getting out and about. I definitely think its good for Polly to take her out and see different things. Because my mum has to travel about locally for her job I occasionally tag along and bring Polly with me on some short journeys. She just loves all the extra special attention we give her.


Training Attempts:
– Going to the toilet.
– Going to bed in her crate.
– Sitting when told.
– Sitting down.
– Sitting and Staying.
– Sitting and Waiting.
– Walking to heel.

Training Outcomes:
-Over the last fortnight we have really been trying to enforce to Polly that the toilet area is outside. We try and take her out whenever she has to go, but late at night we let her use her training mats indoors by the patio door. I think that Polly understands that the garden and outdoors are the places where she is meant to go now. She has started to give us signs if we’re indoors that she needs to go out to the toilet by peering at the door and sometimes even scratching at it as if to say ‘let me out.’ But because she is still young, its still just a matter of time and improvements. However I have started to see that she is getting better control of her bladder which is promising.
– I finally think Polly has got used to her crate. We hardly have any crate related issues anymore so I’m going to cross this one off the list from now on.
– Polly is doing excellently at the ‘sit’ command now. She rarely has trouble in carrying out ‘sit’ so long as you use a firm yet friendly tone of voice – so long as she knows that you’re telling her to sit.  She is getting so confident at it that often when we go to treat her, she sits down before we even get a chance to tell her to do it! Its quite funny to see her sit before you even ask her to!
– ‘Down’ is still relatively new in Polly’s training attempts, and although she isn’t as confident with down as she is with sit, she is doing well considering its a new command. You have to help guide her into ‘down’ by telling her to sit first and then go into ‘down’ which she doesn’t have a problem doing. However when you reward her for doing down she quickly shoots her bottom up from the position so you have to try and make sure she holds the command occasionally, but I’m confident that we’re getting there.
– I have been so impressed with Polly’s staying and waiting in the last week or so, its come on so well! I’ve been practicing ‘Stay’ by getting Polly to sit, and I walk away while telling her to stay. I can walk quite a far distance now (nearly the width of my garden) and Polly stays for me! It also teaches Polly to come too as I call her to me when she has stayed for long enough. I call out ‘Polly here!” or “Polly come!” and she skips over to me proud as punch! Bless her. And because of that I’ve noticed that she often comes when we call her, although when she’s been mischievous this is a different story…  The ‘Wait’ command is slightly different, I tell Polly to ‘wait’ when I put her dinner in front of her. I’m hoping that it will sort of teach her to proceed after she has our approval. Again, she’s been doing very well with ‘wait’
– Since I’ve been making a point of taking her out more, Polly has got a lot better on the lead. For a while she kept digging her heels to the ground and refusing to walk, but *touch wood* she doesn’t do this quite so much now! I was so pleasantly surprised by how well she was when we talk her to the beach – I think that she just loves getting out so she was more than happy to walk.

As the weeks fly by all Polly seems to be doing is developing more and more! What’s going to happen this week? Stay tuned to find out in next Thursday’s post, thanks for reading x


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