Pug Goes To The Seaside

The Tree trio skipped the allotment for a trip to the seaside this afternoon, and it was very pleasant. I love trips to the seaside, as a family we used to go loads when I was little but over the last few years we just don’t go enough! I plan to change that in 2012, this year will be filled with trips to the coast! I’ve already been once this year so I think I’m doing pretty well. Today, we took Polly for her first trip to the beach! It was a gorgeous afternoon and we all had a lovely time. Everyone wants to say hello to Polly! She was lapping up all of the attention I tell you.


I have been a naughty pug-mum and haven’t taken Polly for a walk for about five days and then the last time I put her in her lead and harness she wasn’t having it! Totally must have got her out of the habit so I was annoyed with myself. The sunny weather encouraged me to get my butt out the house with Polly and get her used to walks. I don’t know what’s wrong with me because I love walking! Lazy Grace! *slaps hand*


Thankfully today there was a great improvement in Polly – she walked so well along the sea front! Even when there was just so much to see and smell!


And lots to explore!


Our usual seaside spot is Whitstable but today we dropped off at Tankerton instead. Apparently I came here a lot when I was very young so it was vaguely familiar. It was really pretty with all the little beach huts lined up and the cafe up the top overlooking the views. The weather was perfect, hardly any breeze so we were all a comfortable temperature. Loved it!


Little Polly-Pug did too!


We had our pic together by the water, but not too close to the water because Polly wasn’t so sure about the look of that. I love this picture of us as she looks so grown up, even if I am crouching to her level!


Mum holding the lead. Don’t you think Polly looks kind of camouflaged in the pebbles? Haha.


And here is a picture of someone who didn’t particularly want to be seen walking an adorable little puppy. He loves Polly really!


Although, being a little puppy had a few minor disadvantages such as struggling to climb the pebbly slope. We took great amusement in watching Polly climb the pebbles! So cute!


Climb little one!


Then it was back to strolling along the seafront Smile


We found a bench where we stopped to have coffee while enjoying the views and relaxing atmosphere.


I had such a nice afternoon, it was great to get out of the house with everyone!



May there be many more beachy trips to come!


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