All Go

It was all go, go, go up at the allotment yesterday morning! The weather wasn’t perfect but it was certainly decent gardening weather, and it made an improvement from last week’s rainy episode. Obviously a lot of people had the same idea as us and took themselves to their plots. It looked like plenty of plots had people working on them, not to mention quite a few families up there by the looks of it which is encouraging to see! Speaking of family, I was pleased to see Grandma and Pops yesterday after not seeing them all week.


So anyway, mum and I were up to plant the remaining raspberry canes we didn’t quite finish last week. We got them done but there wasn’t such the feeling of satisfaction like we had last time. We planted the last of the Glen Ample canes, but for some reason I found the stems very flimsy with big roots so they weren’t as simple to plant. In one section mum and I accidently made the trench deeper than the rest so they look a little lower than all the other canes which isn’t a problem or anything but we will probably sort this out when we have a bit of time to make them level.


The contractors were also beginning work for the sheds and shop yesterday. As we came in we noticed a digger machine and some paint on the ground sectioning areas off.


Its good to finally see some developments concerning the whole site, I think that a lot of people have been waiting for these sheds for a long time now. Plus they will be really useful to have once they are finally up because we won’t have to keep filling our car up with so much stuff. We always arrive looking like we’re about to move in because we bring so much stuff!


I will try and keep my blog updated on the progress of the site as well as on our own plots. It will be good to keep a track of how the allotment changes and hopefully improves. I think that the digger started on the land up by the entrance and gradually moved on to the land behind our plots.


A few more pictures:




My cousin’s boyfriend Nathan was also working on plot 69 (I think) with my Granddad’s rotovator I’m going to write more on this later today though, so stay tuned!


The sunshine is making me want to go to the allotment today but we’ve got loads of jobs to do.. maybe we can squeeze it in this afternoon? What are your Sunday plans?


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