I woke up this morning with cravings of a crunchy, messy breakfast. A little while ago I tried a Weetabix with natural yogurt for the first time and loved it! Normally when I eat Weetabix with milk I wait for the milk to turn the biscuit soft because its just the way I prefer to eat it. But eating it with yogurt is completely different, it makes it crunchy and delicious. Today I added yogurt instead of milk to my usual Weetabix, and a few toppings which made it delicious.


I felt particularly experimental with my crunchy breakfast, and it was a treat! In the bowl: one Weetabix, big tablespoon of low fat natural yogurt, sliced banana and a dollop of apricot jam. The fruit and jam turns the breakfast from mediocre to awesome. It had me ‘mmmm-ing’ from start to finish.


Crunchy, messy bowl of mush! I don’t know about you but a tasty breakfast sets me up for the whole day – I’m ready to go!


On the agenda today; planting at the allotment before work! Have a lovely Saturday guys x


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