Pug Stats–Fourteen Weeks

Eight weeks, Ten weeks, Twelve weeks, Fourteen weeks…Is that where we are already? Time is whizzing by – is it going fast for everyone else? Polly was only eight weeks old when she came home and now she’s already in her fourteenth week! She is getting noticeably bigger all of the time so I really want to make the most of her while she’s still small (and when she’s fully grown of course!)

Sadly I’ve been busy this week with a uni assignment and an extra shift at work so the post is mainly going to be filled with comparative pictures than anything else because I haven’t had the time to do a nice detailed update, next week I will make up for it!


Look at the difference in her! She’s getting so big, so quick! Thankfully she’s still kept that same cute little pug face Smile


Here are her current measurements:
– Weight – 2.2kg
– Height – 8” / 20.3cm
– Neck – 10” / 25.5cm
– Tummy – 14” / 35.5cm
– Leg (Front) – 6” /15.2 cm
– Body (Neck to tail) – 10” /25.4 cm

Onto some pictures! On my lap at 8 weeks old:


On my lap at 14 weeks old:


8 weeks, sleepy puppy :


12 weeks, sleepy  puppy :


Crazy pug, 10 weeks.


Crazy pug, 12 weeks.


In the last week we have continued to teach Polly all of the basic commands, we haven’t introduced anything new but instead we’ve been trying to practice everything Polly already knows to improve it. She continues to progress and do well all of the time: really thriving on praise and treats. There hasn’t been any drastic changes this week in terms of training but Polly is certainly getting better! Her best achievements of the week were learning to lie in the ‘down’ position, (we now need to work on getting her to stay in this position) and beginning to really hold still on ‘wait’ and ‘stay’ commands. We’ve also had a couple of dry nights in a row Smile

Polly Learning ‘down’:




Polly sitting and waiting for a treat:




Its a Pug’s life!


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