Mid-Week Pick Me Ups

Wednesday meant one thing for me today: A mid-week pick me up. Yesterday I was sitting in the dining room at my laptop trying to write my essay, Polly was in her bed chewing her chew stick and I suddenly came over feeling completely down. This is so out of character for me, but I just sat in the dining room and had a good, long cry. Well it wasn’t good, I actually felt pretty miserable and I didn’t really know why – I haven’t got any reason to feel down but I just did.


I’m not really too sure what came over me, but I was reading my aunt’s Facebook status about how yesterday would have been her partner Ian’s birthday. He suddenly passed away in June 2010 and everyone was writing messages on his Facebook wall in remembrance and it was just so sad, it brought it all back. And then Monday would have been my Nan and Granddad’s wedding anniversary and my Dad said that my Nan was all tearful over that too. I don’t know, I was just thinking about how sad that it was that I have these heartbroken women in my family. Meh. Maybe its just that time of the month or something but still I felt pretty blah!

Anyway, today was a new day and I’ve felt tonnes better thanks to a good night’s sleep and a fresh attitude. My little pick me up was courtesy of my lovely kind boyfriend, who got me a little something from ASOS. Aren’t parcels from the postman exciting?


A Cath Kidston handbag, I’m in love! I literally adore anything CK it is all so pretty, feminine and country-chic. This bag has got me dreaming of a gorgeous spring day! I just want to put on a dress and sunglasses with this little bag over my shoulder! I guess I will just have to wait…


Little Polly had a vets appointment at 11 this morning for protection against Kennel Cough, and she behaved so well! I’m so proud of my little pug!


I figured after the vets that Polly might like a mid-week pick me up too, so Dad and I drove to Pets At Home to buy her a few bits. I got her a padded harness in pretty baby pink and a KONG. Talk about spoiled!


Oh, isn’t that face just adorable?


Another pick me up? Knowing I’m submitting my uni essay tonight – result!

Here’s a video of Polly playing with her KONG for the first time: Her harness makes me chuckle.

We’re off to puppy training tonight! I love pick me ups! Have a nice evening everyone x


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