Same Allotment, Different Weather

We certainly had a shift in the weather this week. It has gone from bright, warm and sunny to well .. everything in the opposite category. But yesterday we had to ignore the elements and get busy on the plots – there was a lot to be planted. Last year when we first got our allotment my mum ordered over thirty raspberry canes from a company called Thompson and Morgan, all of which arrived in the post this week. And just in case we didn’t have enough on our hands, my mum and grandma also decided to buy some more fruit trees that they had seen for a bargain price.


Rain coats at the ready Grandma, Pops, Mum and I all braved the gloomy weather yesterday morning to get some fruit planted.


As I expected the site was fairly quiet with only the odd few people around who were as crazy as us to be up there on such a day. But honestly, getting up there was definitely the hardest part – once we got going we were so productive and got loads done! It felt like such an achievement when I looked through all the pictures I took yesterday seeing the work we all put in!


As you can see, we had plenty to get started on! The weather was forecast to worsen at around lunch time, so we had a couple of hours to get cracking before the rain was due to greet us from the sky.


Some of the bargain fruit trees we bought from Wilkinsons.


A few pictures of us before we started while we were dry and not covered in mud!


And yes I did wrap a scarf around my head to make a turban. My hair was greasy and my ears were cold. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Now I’ve seen what I looked like from the pictures it doesn’t seem like such a good idea after all Winking smile


Here are our daffodils that we planted in week four – they seem to be coming along quite well at the moment so hopefully the warm weather will return and they should come out in a couple of weeks.


I love daffodils, so I can’t wait for them to bring a bit of colour and vibrancy to our little plot.


We were all busy working on plot 116 today, which is my mum’s plot. Yesterday was the very end of our sixteenth week working on this plot, which we started back in November. Here is a picture of our plot from the back before we started work on it yesterday.


And another picture from the front.


Pops was on manure and compost duty, although in the picture below he looks like he is about to threaten somebody with his fork up in the air like that. LOL.


Off to pick up some manure in the wheelbarrow!


I got straight on to the job of planting some raspberry canes. Thankfully I had a bit of a head start as we had already dug some of our trenches ready to plant because we knew we had a lot of canes arriving. I was going to start by soaking the raspberry canes in a bucket of water but the taps weren’t working so I had to just work with what was there! I’m hoping the rain from yesterday and today should make up for it.


We ordered three types of raspberry canes, I started with the ones with thickest stems that were called Glen Moy.


I evenly placed out six canes in one trench, added the manure into the trench along with some compost before covering the roots with soil. Once the roots were covered with soil, I firmly pressed the area around the stem with my knuckles so it was firm in the ground.


I repeated this twelve times until all of the Glen Moy canes were nicely in the earth. I finished off by adding some more manure to the top and a dusting of compost. Lovely!



Meanwhile as I was busy planting, Mum was digging up another trench for the second lot of canes to go in and Grandma was planting our fruit trees.


Pops had moved on to digging by this point too.



Around half past eleven we stopped for coffee and the rain began to come down by this point. As we drank our coffees in the pouring rain we decided we would call it a day. However, by the time we had all drunk our coffees, the rain was easing up again – back to work it was! No excuses! On to the Polka canes!


I repeated the same process for the next twelve canes until it looked like this:


By the time I had finished off here, everyone else was busy planting a big root of rhubarb. I took a picture of it before it went in and Pops told me that it wouldn’t be a very good picture in the plant pot and annoyingly he was right! Hehe, the picture did come out rubbish:


He knows best…. Winking smile !


One of the trees Grandma put up:



It about half twelve when Mum and I packed up and finally called it a day. We left feeling rather pleased with what we had all got done together! We still have another twelve canes to plant but we are going to wait for another day to do those. Final before and after pictures:





116 is finally beginning to look like a proper plot! Very happy with yesterday’s work! But when your boots look like this, you know its time to go home!



Yesterday, was an all round lovely Saturday. It was my cousin’s birthday – the baby of the family turned eleven! Well actually my cousin’s baby Harvey is now the baby of the family I suppose hehe! So I got to see my aunts and a couple of my cousins which was really nice. It made me realise that I miss the old times where everyone used to just gather round my grandparent’s every Friday to just chat about our weeks and have a giggle. Ah, sigh.


Anyway, I got to see my family lots yesterday because after we went to my aunts a few more of us all met for a meal at the social club. It was lovely!


I was absolutely starving (what’s new?) and I ordered grilled gammon, which I’ve never had in the three years I’ve been going there. Oh my gosh, it blew my socks off. My eyes almost popped out their sockets when I saw my plate. My dad and Gary looked very envious of my dinner. I have such an appetite of a man sometimes. I practically licked this plate clean.


Look at all of that food. So. Good. Ma belly didn’t think so when I finished. 



Top notch Saturday I think! Have a lovely Sunday despite the weather everyone! x


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