Pug Stats–Thirteen Weeks

Its a special edition of pug statistics today – Polly reaches another week but more significantly she is three months old now! Polly was born on the first of December so this little one has been on the plug planet for three months today. My little puppy is growing up quick already! Whoah. Before I get on to today’s post, I wanted to point out that all of Polly’s Pug Statistic posts are now in one place on the left side column all you have to do is click on the smaller version of this picture:


First up, some comparative pictures! Below is a picture of Polly at nine weeks. She was still finding her feet around home in this week but she was mischievous enough to have a peak in her toy box which as you can see she is  just tall enough to reach. If a toy would grab her attention she would struggle to get it out of the box as she wasn’t quite big enough to reach in, balance and retrieve it all at once. However she gave it a good attempt.


Here we have Polly at thirteen weeks old, now big enough to to fully reach into her toy box, get whatever toy suits her out of the box or if the occasion suits her actually climb into the box. More often than not climbing into the box is actually far more fun than most of her toys in there .


Obviously she has had to grow bigger and stronger to be able to do this, but lets see exactly what the tape measure reads on week thirteen.


Here are her current measurements:
– Height – 7” / 15.5cm.
– Neck – 10″ / 25.5cm.
– Tummy – 13″ / 30.6cm.
– Leg (Front) – 5.5″ / 14cm.
– Body (Neck to tail) – 10”/25.5cm

Once again, it is fair to make the general comment that Polly grows about half an inch per week. She hasn’t had a big growth spurt this week as she seems to be measuring up the same size as last week in some parts of her body. However when you look across a two week time span there is a bigger difference – Polly has grown an inch in height, tummy, legs and in length since week eleven. So far her growing seems quite steady and consistent which I think is pretty standard for a little pug. I wonder if she will have a couple of weeks growing considerably or if her growing will just continue at this consistent pace of about 0.5” a week. It will be interesting to see.

Polly’s Habits:

Since Polly got her puppy vaccinations completed we have gradually begun the process of socialising her with other dogs and so week twelve was focused around developing this. Training classes have been fantastic for helping socialise little Polly, we had our second one last night and already you can see her confidence growing – she was so eager to go and sniff all the puppies and dogs – big grown dogs! But its not just dogs Polly is confident round – she loves attention from humans too especially when they’re family members.


Training Attempts:
– Going to the toilet.
– Going to bed in her crate.
– Sitting when told.
– Sitting down.
– Walking to heel.

Training Outcomes:
– We have really tried to step the toilet training up a notch this week. The weather has been milder and so the opportunity to take Polly outside is better. Taking Polly outside to toilet has been hard work, time consuming and frustrating at times. Before I go in to detail I would firstly like to say that Polly is doing incredibly well and I have to remind myself of this every time I feel frustrated. Polly has ‘dry’ nights now in the sense that she doesn’t go to wee at night but there are the odd plops of poo most nights. We have had two completely dry nights now in the sense that there was no toilet at all over night. These are positive signs and I’m extremely pleased about that. So in regards to taking Polly in the garden to toilet now, it has been quite hit and miss. I get the impression that she’d rather not go in her toilet corner in the garden, but go on her nice training mat by the back door. Sometimes I stand outside with her for ages, waiting and waiting and she won’t go – I bring her inside and two minutes later what is she doing?  She’s going on her training mat! Typical! I suppose that this is literally the crunch now and this is just where time will have to play its part
– Polly has done well in her crate recently, the crying and temper tantrums seemed to have calmed thank goodness. We’ve also gently increased the amount of time we leave her in her crate so that she adjusts to being left on her own every now and then.
– In the right frame of mind Polly is really starting to master ‘sit’ (See below a nice picture of her sitting on command) and in class this week we have progressed this command to waiting and staying. I’ve really been trying to emphasise the ‘wait’ on the end now and Polly has been doing better at this. But there is still room for improvement.

– ‘Down’ is a new command for Polly so at the moment I have to persuade her into the down position by delicately placing my hand on her back. When she is in the right position I slowly release my hand from her back to see if she will stay in that position by herself and at the moment its a bit random. Sometimes I think she gets it, other times she pokes her bottom up in the air again!
– Polly has now been on a couple of short walks around the block. When it comes to heel work I’ve heard a lot of mixed things from other dog owners. I’ve been told by a couple of people that their puppy completely refused to walk on a lead  to begin with, so if this is the normal response I think Polly is doing quite well. There are occasional moments where she will not walk and it becomes hard work, other times she kind of like walks at an angle in front of my feet so I’m paranoid of stepping on her! She is also very eager to sniff every little thing out so at times it feels like we’re getting nowhere. The advice I got from training class concerning heel work is that as soon as you have their attention and they start walking correctly, lots and lots of praise! Today I took Polly on a walk and the praise thing actually worked pretty well. She was really responding to all my ‘good girl’ and ‘well done’ praises. So I guess we’ll have to see how the lead work goes from here.

I’m so pleased with how well Polly is doing! Having a puppy is so exciting and rewarding Smile x


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