A Little Bit Of Sunshine

A little bit of sunshine can make a lot of a difference. Today is March! We’re already three months into the year! And March has started on a glorious note. The sun is out, the birds are singing, sunglasses are on my face – its perfect. I’m feeling a lot better after yesterdays downer and I’m putting it down to the spot of sunshine and beautiful spring like weather.


Now that Spring is well on its way, I’ve retired from my wintery breakfast of warm chocolate Weetabix to my all time favourite: regular Weetabix with a banana. Always in my Cath Kidston breakfast set. This breakfast never fails and I hardly ever get bored of it – I think I eat this every morning from Spring through to Autumn year after year.


Obviously I have to share my banana with two pets now. Lulu and Polly love a bit of banana! Not as much as I love bananas though.

What is your go-to breakfast that works every time? Pug Stats post coming later this evening. x


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