Katie’s Back

A couple of weeks before Christmas, my mum and I took our first Mix And Match class with instructor Katie, I wrote about how much we enjoyed it in this post. It was sweat-your-guts-out kind of tough and your body ached all over the day after. Over the holiday period the class was obviously cancelled, but when it started back up again in the new year Katie didn’t return. There was a lot of talk about her being ill, but nothing much was ever confirmed. Another instructor Mel took Katie’s place while she was away, and her class gave you a good work out too.


I really liked Mel’s classes when she took over because every single week we did something different and so it always kept you interested. We used the fitball in her classes, the step, resistance bands and also the bodyweight bars. Each class always included something different. I also found Mel to be very clear and precise about the way we should do each exercise which I personally find very reassuring so you know how to do the move right without injuring yourself.


However, today the class welcomed Katie back for the first time in eight weeks! I only took the one class of hers but it was exactly how I remembered it to be – lively, energetic and above all punishing! Don’t get me wrong I liked Mel’s classes for all of the above reasons, but there is a different way that Katie works the class, she’s upbeat and commands you to work by raising her voice, counting down the amount of reps we have left and if we don’t count with her she makes us do more. It was very fun, and I ache today.


But I still liked Mel’s class a lot and I will definitely miss taking her class. I think that our gym is looking to introduce another aerobic class soon so I really hope they get Mel to take it.

 I think I would find it tough deciding whether to go to Katie’s or Mel’s class though! (And would probably end up taking both…)


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