Things I’m Loving: February

Welcome to February’s Things I’m Loving post, dedicated to all the little things I’ve appreciated this month.

Vaseline Hand Lotion.

Firstly, I should mention that over the last few weeks my hands have been under terrible pressure to perform copious cleaning jobs. Picking up doggy mess, washing up at work, scrubbing paw prints off the floor and repetitively going to the sink to wash the muck back off my poor hands. I don’t think that the cold weather has helped at all. My hands were cracking and just so sore. But everything I put on my cracked hands stung like crazy! My friend mentioned that she liked Vaseline hand cream so I bought some from Wilkinons and it is super cheap, I don’t even think I paid a pound for it. But not only is it cheap but it works. It didn’t sting when I applied it and my hands look and feel less dry already. I also like it because it isn’t greasy and it has a nice light fragrance which isn’t too overpowering.


Red Roses.

I love flowers. I adore flowery patterned things. I adore fresh flowers, and especially red roses. I really like the gesture of receiving red roses, and traditionally I get a bunch on Valentine’s Day. I usually like to position them in the window so the light shines on them but this year I chose to put them on the coffee table next to my seat in the living room. Don’t they just brighten the place up?


Twitter pals.

I would like to say again how helpful the lovely people of Twitter have been to Polly and I the last month or so. Its really nice hearing from other pug owners who have been through the puppy thing too. Its useful sharing tips and advice with people and generally chat about puggys! Everyone has been so kind and welcoming so that has been really lovely. #puglove!


True Blood.

I don’t really watch a lot of television these days, but I always seem to have a series or two on the go. This month one of my favourites, True Blood started again. It is so weirdly brilliant, that you just have to love it. The storylines are so addictive and I enjoy all the characters – if you’ve never seen it before don’t expect it to be like an ordinary vampire TV series, its so much more! Its weird. But good weird. I should really have a better reason than ‘its weird’ for watching something, but if you’ve seen it I’m sure you’ll understand.


Signs of Spring.

Although the beginning of February saw freezing temperatures and snow on the ground, Spring has certainly been in the air towards the final parts of this month. It is absolutely gorgeous seeing a blue sky with white fluffy clouds and a great big gleaming sun shining down at us. In my back garden we now have glorious daffodils out in their pots, aren’t they just a picture? I can’t wait for lighter evenings and slightly warmer weather,its true what they say – the sun brings everyone out!


What are you loving this month?


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