Spring On The Allotment

Hello sun, its so nice to have you back again! Today truly felt like a Spring day, it was bright, sunny and even warm if you kept moving. So naturally we all headed to the allotment for a few hours this morning – it was good to get back! Honestly, there is something so refreshing and pleasant about just being out in the fresh air. Soakin’ up the Vitamin D! With everything going on this month our plot was put on hold – however I was only talking last week about how I was very eager to get back working, and when I say something I’m usually not kidding you.


To prove how genuine I really am, I can tell you that I am now my very own plot-holder. Yes, I have a plot. Little old me has her own plot of land to work on, develop, look after and eventually grow produce on. I feel so inspired by our project that I wanted a piece of it to really call my own and be proud of.


On saying that, the whole point of this hobby is of course to work together: work with my family and to share this enjoyable experience. I would never be able to do it alone, but I know that I am lucky enough to have people who are willing to help me make my plot something. Like today, my family all came up to help me get started, and I feel so grateful for the help that I received today! Together they helped me make a fantastic start. Family effort!


While Mum and I removed all of the excessively overgrown weeds from my plot,


Dad and Pops moved loads of big stones,


And Craig rotovated.


Everyone put so much hard work and effort in today, and amazingly Craig and Pops managed to get the whole of my plot rotovated across four hours, so a big, big thank you is in order to them both!


The rotovator honestly makes such a difference and really reduces the amount of digging for us – but it makes up for this in effort required to use the physically demanding machine. It takes the land from this:


To this:


It made my job of clearing weeds seem a bit.. well weedy really? Hehe.


Having a well earned coffee break? Winking smile


And here is a video of us all busily working on the plot today, please have a watch!

Another thing for me to sink my teeth into, what’s next? x


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