Pug Stats–Twelve Weeks

Growing, growing … grown? Welcome back to my weekly series of Pug Statistics – a post all about how my pug puppy is developing according to the tape measure, scales and from her keen mum’s observations. So Polly enters her twelfth week today and her pug life is really starting to get quite exciting for her and for us. A few stand out moments of the last week were introducing Polly to some family, a second trip to the vets and a dog training class. More on this later in the post, first up some comparative pictures to see how my puppy has got on over the weeks. Tape measure at the ready.


Below we have Polly at ten weeks, looking cheeky and full of mischief. We really started to notice small developments in Polly’s personality and body from about this age. Size- wise she looks skinnier compared to how she looks now, and she weighed in at 1.5kg on this week.


And here we have Polly as she is now at twelve weeks old. At first you might not see any differences in the two pictures, but they are there. It sounds strange but I think Polly’s head and body are becoming more proportioned as the weeks progress, like in some pictures and certainly in the one above, her head looks as big as her body whereas now in this picture her body seems to have filled out.


Here I have put together pictures of Polly’s right back leg at weeks ten and twelve:


On the Left – week ten. On the Right – week twelve. And below are some close ups for a clearer view of how her legs have changed across the weeks.


From these pictures Polly’s legs are noticeably different. Not only have they grown longer, but her posture seems to have changed a lot. With time and probably growth she has become more confident and her body shows this. In week ten you can see that her legs are a bit bent as she was still a little uncertain of herself, but by week twelve she appears to be standing tall and proud! Lets see exactly what the tape measure says this week shall we?


Here are her current measurements:
– Weight – 1.9kg
– Height – 7” / 18cm
– Neck – 10” / 25.5cm
– Tummy – 13” / 33.2cm
– Leg (Front) – 5” / 13.8cm
– Body (Neck to tail) – 9” / 23cm

Wow! Definitely growing! Since week ten, she has almost put on 0.5kg and grown at least an inch in height, length, neck size, tummy, and legs! Imagine what another two weeks will do? Open-mouthed smile

Polly’s Habits.

Week eleven was all about socialisation so it was pretty interesting for us and for Polly. We thought that she had reached the point where she was settled enough to meet some new faces, human and animal ones. I’ve read a lot about how its good to socialise your puppy with people and animals so that when she reaches adulthood she isn’t going to be afraid to be around new people. Introducing Polly to family was easy enough for us humans, but introducing Polly to other dogs was a bit of a scary thought for me because I’m really not used to dogs so I definitely knew it was going to be a learning curve for pug and human alike Winking smile

Training Attempts:
– Going to the toilet.
– Going to bed in her crate.
– Sitting when told.
– Fetching and returning.
– Walking on a harness and lead.

Training Outcomes:
– Oh my goodness, we have noticed some very encouraging signs in toilet training this week! Despite the fact that she still goes to the toilet during the night (which is natural at this stage still) when Polly wakes in the morning she will now go straight to the toilet mat to do number 1s and 2s. I was pleased with this and saw it as a positive sign and I believe that it was because last night Polly had her very first dry night! No tinkle or poo in the cadge! I was stunned and so so pleased, this can only be a good sign. I’m not expecting this to become a regular occurrence yet but she has to start somewhere! Also, because the weather has been mildly warmer, I’ve tried to take Polly outside to toilet a bit more. She needs a lot more persuading and patience to go outside but she does go eventually, it just takes much longer. I’m keen to stick it out though in the long run.
– This week we tried a different take on bed time. In last week’s post I was saying how Polly had been rather vocal about her dislike to bed time. She cried for 40 minutes one night and after that we just thought, we’ve got to try this another way so she is happier and we are happier! With the help of a comfy new bed , we’ve been letting Polly settle down for the night in this then gradually we turn the light off and move her into her crate. This does wake her but because she’s drowsy she settles down quicker without a big fuss. Its worked so we’re going to stick with this little routine
– Polly got very good at the command ‘sit’ this week. I’m pleasantly surprised at how well she picked it up, Polly sits when we tell her to and to develop on  this we have been adding ‘stay’ to the command. I would say once more that it is all down to what mood Polly is in to how well she stays, but she is certainly getting better at staying in sit position too.
– The fetching and returning took a bit of a step backward at points in the week. Polly has been completely determined to take all of her toys on her toilet mat which is gross and at times it gets rather tiring keep having to get her to move away from it because she won’t do it herself.  At the same time, its good that we have identified this because now we know where we have to work on – getting Polly to come to us.
– Because Polly’s vaccinations were being completed this week we’ve really been getting her used to going outside in the garden on a lead. We take her outside daily and she really enjoys it and walks pretty well at your heel.


Loving the puppy experience!

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