Waiting For Spring

Ah where have I been? No blogging since Friday, sad face… Longer days, lighter evenings, warmer temperatures, sunny spells and pots of brilliant daffodils – I’m itching for some signs of Spring to come along. I’m hoping that they’re not too far away. I’m eagerly waiting for Spring so that the year can properly swing into force, there are lots of exciting things on the agenda that are just waiting to get started! Spring will get the ball rolling.


Up for discussion today, our allotment. Ah, allotment! We haven’t forgotten about you. In fact we’ve rather missed our mucky little hobby over the last month. Although, its pretty fair to say that we’ve had our hands full with another mucky little hobby


We haven’t done any work on the allotment since we planted our fruit trees in early January. There really hasn’t been a right time to go and spend a few hours up there the last month: the weather wasn’t on our side as we were lumped with a carpet of snow and ice the same weekend in which we had been tackling a flood in our kitchen. Not to mention that we’ve got an eleven week old puppy to look after. So sadly, the plot was replaced with other priorities as we juggle to get our weekly activities back together. I think its all starting to fall together, with the help of Spring on its way we should get some sort of routine set in place.


It makes me assured that the general view from members of the allotment page on Facebook are also waiting for the weather so that they can get started too. I’m not alone.


Well the weather on Sunday definitely motivated us to get out, even if it was just for a look. The brighter day definitely encouraged some faces out on the site on Sunday, there were plenty of people up there working away which is great to see. Another reason that I enjoy our hobby is because we share it with my mum’s parents, Grandma and Pops who have a plot next to us and that way we get to spend quality family time together, even if we are working separately on our own plots. Pops is so keen and enthusiastic about his hobby that he has joined the committee and helps other people by organising lots of things. I think its really great, it suits him.


We can’t wait to get back started! Back to regular blogging now with some exciting announcements coming soon and a Pug update tomorrow x


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