Children Meet Puppy

It was an excitable end to the week for me today. After my 10am Yoga class I took Polly to meet some of Gary’s family with him. Polly met Gary’s mum Maureen, sister in law Caroline and niece, nephew Owen and Amie. It was only the second time that Polly has been somewhere else other than home, so the car still makes her quite nervous, but she sat on my lap very well for the short journey to Caroline’s house. As soon as we pulled up I could see how excited Gary’s niece and nephew were to meet Polly. Owen stood at the front door eagerly awaiting Polly’s debut in his home! He had a big grin on his cheeky face when he saw my little pug.


Caroline was praising how well the children had behaved before Polly arrived by getting the living room ready for her. She said that they were tidying up all of their toys from the floor and putting them all away in their bedrooms so Polly didn’t pick up anything! How sweet is that? No little bits of Lego for puppy to try and play (or eat in Polly’s case) with.


Unsurprisingly, Polly’s presence went down a storm with all of Gary’s family. She wasn’t her usual confident and cheeky self but I expected her to act nervously in a new setting, especially with two very excited children making a fuss of her. Owen and Amie were in awe of my little puppy, I don’t think that they quite knew what to do with themselves! There was a lot of giggling and shrieking to begin with. I don’t think that the children have had too much experience with animals so it was quite new for them so it was understandable that they were thrilled to meet her.


Amie was uncertain about Polly, she kept going to pet her but chickened out by running away. Obviously a little girl running is just another game in Polly’s eyes, but this scared Amie and she tried to keep a safe distance from then onwards. I suppose Amie is just two so she’s only a baby like Polly, who doesn’t fully understand everything that is going on.


Owen on the other hand, was much more confident with Polly compared to his little sis. He let Polly get closer to him than Amie would and he didn’t run away in fear. He let Polly give him a pug kiss, which everyone found rather hilarious. It was so cute seeing the children observe a little puppy.


Amie was a bit calmer when Polly was in her Mum’s arms. Caroline was really sweet with Polly Pug too!


Little one lapped up all of the attention! It is so so nice having people say how sweet she is and honestly my little lady charms the socks off everyone she meets – its probably a pug thing?

I’m just happy that everyone approves of the new addition to my family. Have a great weekend x


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