What Food Reminds You Of Your Childhood?

Wibble. Wobble. Jelly on the plate. This post is all about foods that take you back to your childhood.


I’ve had  a bit of a fun February eat. Random, totally random but fun none the less! Jelly? We always seem to have a random packet of jelly hanging about aimlessly in our kitchen cupboard, and the other week I bought some jelly moulds in Wilkinsons by accident thinking they were just bright containers so it was a good excuse to make some!


Doesn’t jelly have a way of sending you back to your childhood? Well it does for me. Mum used to make me jelly loads when I was little. I loved all flavours of jelly but particularly remember enjoying orange jelly! We actually have a packet of orange jelly in the cupboard at the moment, but I was in a raspberry mood.

It got me thinking to other foods that remind me of my childhood.



I created a little mood board: (Images below are all taken from Google)





What Food Reminds You Of Your Childhood?


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