Pug Stats–Eleven Weeks

Time to get the tape measure out for another weekly measure up. Its all systems go with an eleven week old puppy in the house! Slowly but surely we are getting in to a little routine of things, but on to that in a minute. I think this little lady has had a growth spurt. I’ve got pictures of Polly across four weeks, and you can really see how much difference those weeks have made! Have a look.


This is a picture of Polly when I first went to meet her for at the breeders home, where she is almost seven weeks old. You can see how little she is all over, her legs look so tiny and so does her head, I also think that in this picture her markings in her face are far less defined compared to now. Look at those ickle tiny ears! Aww.


Fast forward two weeks to when Polly first came home. Here she is exactly nine weeks old, and considerably bigger all over I would say. Unfortunately I don’t have measurements for when Polly was seven weeks old because I first started measuring her at nine weeks, but compared to the picture above I would guess that she has grown at least an inch bigger in her legs, length, height, and neck size. I think over these two weeks Polly’s facial markings have also become more visible.


Ah, and here we have a picture of Polly now at eleven weeks. I already think she’s got bigger don’t you?


Look at her! To us she seems much bigger, but let’s see exactly what the tape measure says!

Here are her current measurements:
– Height – 6” / 15.5cm.
– Neck – 10″ / 25.5cm.
Tummy – 12″ / 30.6cm.
– Leg (Front) – 4.5″ / 11.4cm.
– Body (Neck to tail) – 8.5″ / 22.7cm.

If you look at the measurements I took last week, some areas have remained the same size, for example, her height and tummy have been consistently the same size even though I think her tummy does look bigger? Funny huh. Whereas other areas have measured up slightly bigger, like her legs and the length of her body. In the two pictures below I think that you can kind of see how her body has got bigger, she looks slightly longer and also wider (even though the tape measure is saying her tummy is still 12”!)


Laying down at nine weeks, compared to laying at eleven weeks.


What do you think? Does she look bigger to you in the pictures?

Polly’s Habits:

Training Attempts:
– Using the toilet mats by the back door.
– Going to bed in her crate.
– Sitting when told.
– Fetching and returning.

Training Outcomes:
– I don’t want to put a jinx on it because I’m still aware its very early days, but so far the toilet mats in doors are working a treat. Polly has been really very good with toilets this week. She had a very excited day one day and kept weeing on the front door mat where we brush our shoes off! So we cleaned it up to eliminate the smell and the next day she had forgotten all about it. We *touch wood* had very few accidents this week! Night times seem to be our biggest challenge as we haven’t had a dry night yet in her crate, but I’ve heard that dry nights will take time.
– The last week Polly has been a bit of trouble when it comes to switching the lights off for bed time. She does not want to be put away for the night in her crate and has been crying, throwing a temper tantrum in protest. Linking in to the toilet training in my above comment, every now and then when Polly has a stroppy moment she will do a wee in her cadge even though she does realise that she is supposed to come out to wee. When we put her in her crate to go out for a couple of hours Polly has however been well behaved and we quite often can come back to her and she hasn’t gone to toilet and waits until we let her out on her mat.
– I sent a tweet to my pug pals on twitter asking them for their advice on training Polly basic commands and the general response was to go for it. So for the last week I read up and started introducing the command ‘sit’ to Polly. It depends what sort of mood she is in, but Polly has pretty much got the hang of what I’m asking her when I say ‘sit.’ The only thing I think we could work on is getting her to actually sit and stay because she will sit fine, but she won’t hold it for long. (I’ve attached a video of Polly sitting below. By the way, puppies are very hard to video sitting still take it from me.)
– When we play with Polly she has a bad habit of taking her toys over to her toilet mat, which we don’t really want her doing as all her toys are laying about where she urinates and so forth. So we’ve decided to get her to chase her toys and bring them back to us rather than the mat. We are saying ‘fetch’ as we throw a toy for her, and as she picks it up we call out ‘here’ and more often than not she will play along to this game. But once again, it really does all depend on what sort of mood she is in to whether she responds to us.


Here is a video of me getting Polly to sit.

Some other general reflections would be that, a lot can happen in a week of a puppy’s life time. And a lot happens for us humans too! Its so fascinating getting to know your new pet, what she’s like and her characteristics. But also its great sharing all of these new experiences with her and also being able to record it all through my blog. Its exciting to think that we’ve still got so much left to come too!

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