Four Valentines

Hello, how was your Valentine’s Day? Whether you spent it with boyfriend/ girlfriend/ partner/ friend or family I hope that someone made you feel special yesterday. To clarify on the post’s title, I do not have four valentines – but I have spent the last four Valentines with the same person! I can certainly say that I had a different Valentine’s Day to what I’m used to, but then again everything feels a little bit different now I’ve got Polly in my life.


Flashbacks from the last three Valentine’s Days:

Valentine’s Day 2009.


My great-gran turned 90 on 12th February and if I remember rightly, V-Day fell on a Saturday that day because we held a party for her in a hall. Before the party we went for a meal together. It was our first Valentine’s together, and my first one spent as a couple so it felt a bit strange. The relationship was also fairly new and we were still in the ‘getting to know each other’ stage.

Valentine’s Day 2010.

Wicked (21)

For V-Day in 2010 we went to an Italian restaurant and my present was tickets to see Wicked in London the week later. By 2010 we had fully settled in to the relationship so the boyfriend had no problem in complaining to me how he hated Wicked.. and we’ve not been to watch a musical since! Boo! I liked it though! And I do fancy going to a musical or concert this year though!

Valentine’s Day 2011.

Vday 11

Last V-Day we went for a scrummy Indian that Gary treated me to. We dressed up smart and it was lovely to be treated out to dinner. Although last year Gary was a bit under the weather with a stinking cold and I hurt my back from the gym so we felt a bit like wounded soldiers. Curry and cuddling made it a bit better though. Smile

Valentine’s Day 2012.

So round to this years V-Day then. Gary is suffering from toothache at the moment so we ended up staying in all day, which was still pretty lovely. A beautiful vase of roses on the coffee table in the living room is enough to make anybody feel cheerful. I love the elegance that even a single red rose emits, so having a vase full of them means I can barely take my eyes off them.


Well actually I sort of have to take my eyes off them to look after this little one.


This picture is sort of feels like DeJa Vu to this pic  — what do you think? Her butter wouldn’t melt pose. Such a cutie. Anyway, because of Gary’s toothache we stayed in apart from when we popped to the supermarket to buy snacks for lunch. Amazingly we managed to stay pretty healthy, but the kitchen counter didn’t look so healthy – it looked like a total mess.


I’ve recently learned how to make scrambled eggs (microwave style) as Polly has them for breakfast, so I’ve also been having a bit of a scrambled egg myself, because it is actually pretty simple to make and so tasty! So I cooked Gary and I up scrambled egg on some seeded bread. My plate had an dollop of ketchup on the side, obviously.


I’m pretty lucky that my valentine is as keen on food as I am because yesterday was all about the food and the chilling out. Smile Red napkins were appropriate for the occasion.


I bet you will never guess what food we requested my mum make us last night then. Go on guess.


Oh okay call me predictable then. We had curry! Officially my favourite dinner now, I feel really bereft if I even go a week without eating Indian food. My mum always delivers fantastic food but her curry is especially delicious. Even with toothache I think Gary enjoyed his dinner Smile

How did you spend Valentine’s Day? x


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