A Simple Saturday

Another week – done! Wow. I had work today but yesterday I was off and Mum and I had a really simple day, so it was nice to keep it low key. In the morning when Polly had her morning nap, we slipped off down the gym for a couple of hours for a nice dip in the swimming pool. The last couple of weeks I have really neglected the gym, which is inevitable given a new puppy in the home. But as soon as I figure out a little routine I would really like to squeeze it back into my schedule again.


Post swim meal – a scrambled egg toastie with ketchup, lots of ketchup.


In the afternoon mum, Polly and I all braved the cold and took a cute little trip out to the garden. Because Polly’s nearly vaccinated now (just waiting for one more booster in a fortnight) we thought it would be good to get her aware of the ‘outside world’ that she has yet to discover. And not to forget to get her a little acclimatised to the colder temperatures outdoor!


What better way than introducing Polly to the garden patio? I think she approved of her  corner of the garden, which we are still working on. The snow has delayed it loads but we will sort some more plans out when the weather gets warmer.


At first Polly’s tail was all floppy and uncertain about the garden, but she quickly started skipping about gleefully on her harness and lead. ‘Mum’ was following Polly round like a hawk!


So cute on the lead and jumper we made her! I loved taking her outside to play. Even in the cold it was so nice to watch her reactions and generally see her response to the garden! She loved it! Curly tail galore!


I’m pretty paranoid about everything Polly picks up in the garden, moss, leaves, twigs and so on, but she is fascinated by it all so I suppose I can’t stop her being curious and I certainly can’t stop her from picking everything up and putting it in her mouth. (Although I will try to..)


Can’t wait to see her reaction when we take her on her first walk! Have a good week everyone x


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