Pug Stats–Ten Weeks

Wow! Polly’s first week at home flew by! It was a pretty eventful week, but she is settling in really well! Today she is ten weeks old! We’ve had quite a few people round to have a peak at Polly and everyone seems really surprised at how little she really is! She is still pretty tiny, but I think she’s growing well!


Here are her current measurements:
– Weight 1.5kg
– Height – 6″ / 15.5cm *
– Neck – 9″ / 23cm
– Tummy – 12″ / 30.6cm.
– Leg (Front) – 4″ / 10.3cm
– Body (Neck to tail) – 8″/ 20.5cm


Polly’s Habits:

Training Attempts:
– Getting her used to her name.
– Using the toilet mats by the back door.
– Going to bed in her crate.

Training Outcomes:
– Polly shows an awareness of her name, but she conveniently remembers to forget it when she’s doing something naughty and we’re calling her!
– The training pads are working really well for the toilets and I’m pleased with how we’re getting on. Because its so cold we’re not taking Polly out yet, however as soon as its a bit warmer and once she is vaccinated I have all the intentions to take Polly outside to do business. But in the mean time we’re putting toilet mats by the back door for her to go. Hopefully this should get her used to the idea that she needs to go to the door when she needs to go so we can let her outside.
– We still have a few temper tantrums when Polly is put in her crate, but I think that’s just because she wants to be in on all the action.


Pugs For Dummies has said that,  “Pugs are typically 10 to 12 inches tall. They’re also 10 to 12 inches long… At their healthiest weight, Pugs tip the scales between 6 to 8kg..” So Polly has still got a way to go till she has fully grown! But she’s so sweet and little at the moment I can’t wish it away! She’s adorable!

As you can see, she has already grown a couple of inches here and there, like her legs are a little longer and the length of her has got a tiny bit bigger! I think she grows a tiny bit every day! Its so strange to think that she will be big one day.

* Last week when I measured Polly’s height she was on my lap so I think we measured it a bit inaccurately as we actually made her an inch smaller this week when she was flat on the floor.

Have a look at Polly’s measurements last week here.


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