Who Makes The Best Curry?

Well I can tell you the answer that. My Mum and Grandma of course! Its a matter of personal opinion but my mum and grandma make the best curry feasts going. We had a small family gathering for my aunt’s birthday last night, thirteen of us, for a curry. And could my plate possibly have had more food on it?


I think not. We had meat curry (chicken and beef,) vegetable curry, yellow and white rice, lentils, naan bread, onion barji and a vegetable samosa. I was beaten by this meal and I ended up leaving a fair amount on my plate which is very unusual for me.

Another side dish that we had were these mini-poppadum’s that came in a packet like crisps. They were particularly appetising especially with some dip.


And we all know what my favourite dip is don’t we? Mango chutney. Mmm! However we were running low on the normal mango and grandma and pops did have a spare one but it was with Kashmiri chilli. I hadn’t tried this different type of mango before, it had like little dots in it and it didn’t taste nearly as sweet as the smooth type. I thought it was okay but nowhere near as nice as the smooth chutney! I like the sweetness of the usual chutney.


For pudding, everyone had birthday cake – but I was way too full to have any rich chocolate cake!


Today we had a fairly eventful morning because we had to take Polly to the vets to have her first vaccination. She was a good brave girl but she made a bit of a fuss when the vet actually did her jab she made a bit of a noise. Poor baby! In two weeks time we go back to get the second one and after that she will be allowed out for walkies! Yay!


While we were in the reception at the vets something totally weird happened – a lady with three pugs came in! What a coincidence! It was a puggy filled morning! Until I got Polly, I rarely saw other people who had pugs – then I saw three in one go! We had a chat to the owner and she was really friendly. Every pug owner we have spoken to always says how pugs are such wonderful dogs to have – its very reassuring to hear words like that Smile 

When we got home Polly sulked and slept for a good few hours. The vet said she would probably be quite lethargic – but alas she is as excited and full of energy as normal! Cheeky little puppy!

Back to work tomorrow, boo! Sad smile x


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