Pug Sitter

Are you ready for some more cute puppy pictures? Its been another busy day of pug sitting over here! I was going to go to our usual Monday class at the gym but I skipped as I didn’t fancy driving in the slush, cuddling with a puppy sounded much more appealing. Although I will definitely be ready to sneak out for an hour in the morning to get in a quick swim. I feel like a lazy lump where I’ve been in all day.


I am thoroughly enjoying my role as ‘mummy.’ Although I must admit that I did find the first two days kind of hard because I have never had a puppy or dog before and everything felt so new, which it still does in a way. Its all new for Polly and its all new for me, so we’re in the same boat. However I think that the initial excitement of a new home is beginning to wear off on Polly as we set in to a nice little routine of things.


I like familiarity and routine so I’m sure that Polly will be happy when we settle in to a proper one soon. For the first two nights Polly cried a couple of times so we were all a bit unsettled but since then she still seems to be sleeping quite nicely through the night (touch wood.) But not only does Polly sleep through the night, but she also takes plenty of naps during the day. I was concerned about how much she slept at first but my pals on twitter have assured me that this was normal!


And when she isn’t having a kip, she is full of beans and energy! Either way she is so adorable and already lovely company to have with me in the house while I’m on my own. Today Polly started playing with her squeaky toys for the first time, they freaked her out the first couple of days but she braved the noisy toys today and we had lots of fun squeaking, rattling and jingling.


And in between playtime, obviously we had naps and snuggles on the sofa. I’m glad to see how comfortable Polly seems to have made herself.


N’aww cosy times together!


Today I made an appointment to take Polly to the vets on Wednesday to have her first vaccination. I was pleased that I got round to sorting an appointment out, but at the same time I now feel a little pressured because we’ve been eagerly trying to encourage Polly Pug to drink but she just isn’t having it. Apparently the vets send you away if your pup isn’t hydrated enough so I want to make sure she is, both for Polly’s benefit and also so our trip out isn’t a waste of time.


I’ve tried adding a splash of milk to her water but she isn’t really interested in it, and I mean I can’t force her to drink, she needs to do it willingly. I’ve been using some sponge fingers to dunk in the liquid to encourage Polly, and although it helps, it doesn’t work brilliantly (she is too interested in taking the biscuit onto the mat to make a crumbly mess) Any tips on how to get the little one to slurp her drink up a bit happier?

Tomorrow I plan on getting in a swim in the morning, and in the evening for my aunt’s birthday we are going to my grandmas for a curry – what a treat!

How was everyone’s Monday? x


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