End Of Week Reflections

Its Monday again! I started writing this post last night but I was pooped and didn’t get round to finishing it so here it is this morning, my end of week reflections on last week – which was an eventful one to say the least. A lot of stuff happened in one week! In a nutshell, my kitchen flooded, the snow blessed us with its presence and I got a puppy! Ok, to start with the not so good, on Friday night our water work system completely let us down and we had a blockage upstairs which resulted in our kitchen getting flooded.


There was a problem with the over flow in the bathroom which to cut a long story short all of the water running from our tap and bath poured down into a whole directly above our kitchen.


The pictures just don’t even do it justice, it was an extremely scary moment watching water flood through the ceiling, down the walls, into the kitchen lights and appliances. You get a terrible sense of helplessness and like a ‘what the hell do we do?’ feeling. You can just about see the water dripping through the ceiling lights in the above pic.


Then it literally went from bad to worse when our heating and electrics both switched themselves off and we were left in a dark, cold house over night with temperatures of -1°.


On Saturday we had an electrician in and Mum’s friend Barry to have a look at everything and thankfully we had power and heating back on by Saturday evening. Just in time for the snow yesterday! I am so grateful that we had warmth and electricity back in time for the cold weather conditions, it would have been unbearable without it.


I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with snow. I can not deny how beautiful it looks. It really is very pretty and makes everywhere look like a winter wonderland. But it just means getting from A to B has more risks than any normal journey does.


It is pretty. But frankly its a pain in the bum. I’m glad it only comes a couple of times a year. I’m much more of a summer loving gal. On saying that though, there is nothing quite as satisfying as a delicious wintry meal to end your week on. Last night we didn’t have a traditional Sunday dinner of a roast, but it was as close to one in terms of tastiness.


Behold our starter: homemade carrot and coriander soup.


Warm, full of flavour to hit the spot on a snowy Sunday night! My love for homemade soup is growing and growing!

Our main meal was equally as yum. Cottage pie, cabbage and beans. I literally love every single thing about that meal. Mum cooks the mince with courgettes and mushrooms which are my favourite especially with cabbage which I could eat until the cows come home!


Doesn’t all that food look so good?! Perfect meal for a hungry family on a winters day.

So anyway, my last reflection on an eventful week was a matter of saving the best until last. Of course the best thing about this week, and the best thing that has happened to me in a while had to be the beautiful, adorable, addition of a new family member in our household. My little Polly!


As if I wasn’t happy enough about finally getting a pug, but to watch her settle in so well brings me so much joy and happiness that I can’t really put into words. I’m still overwhelmed by it all. I’d also like to add that its been really nice connecting with other lovely pug people through the wonderful world of blogging and twitter, everyone has been so friendly and welcoming which is so nice, so thanks if any one is reading this!

Keep the love going everyone! Smile x


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