The Alarm Clock Of A New Fur Mum

This morning I did not wake to the mundane ‘BEEP BEEP BEEP’ tone of my alarm clock. Nope, this morning at 6.30 my alarm clock was from a weepy puppy downstairs. Switching my bedside lamp on, I rolled out of bed, pulled my scruffy slob-out tshirt and tracksuit bottoms on and slumped down the stairs. I was greeted by an extremely wide-eyed and alert Polly, who was apparently putting on the waterworks to get some attention. Being the softie that I am this worked.


I opened the door to her crate and Polly didn’t hesitate to come and see me. I’ve read to take your dog outside to go to toilet as soon as they wake up, but naturally this isn’t going to happen in the dead of winter so we’re trying to get Polly to do business by the back door. So far its been working quite well for number 1’s but number 2’s are a bit more random. I’ve started to notice signs that Polly needs a number 1 but when she needs a number 2 she just goes and there’s no stopping it. Its still early days though and I’m happy with how everything is going.

I put Polly by the back door on a training mat this morning but all she was worried about was playtime. She was so excited to see me! Because I was trying to see if she would go to toilet I didn’t take any toys to confuse her – no problem though – ‘I’ll just play tug of war with your trousers Mum’ the look in her cheeky little eyes was saying. She was playing with my tracksuit bottoms, licking my toes and running about the dining room like a crazy pug!

I felt a little bit overwhelmed first thing in the morning with such an excited little puppy – where I was tired I didn’t quite feel in control of the situation, and then she did a wee on the floor so I got a bit panicky worrying that I’m doing a bad job. I couldn’t find the paper to dab it up with, and all puppy wanted to do was play and jump about! I regained composure and tried to occupy Polly while I cleaned her mess up.


But just look at that face, she is totally worth all of the flapping about like a headless chicken. And hopefully I will get better at it as time goes on. We’re both new to this after all?


Polly has been awake most of the morning but has had two naps and two attempts at eating some food.


She’s done a fair amount of number 1’s today, but she hasn’t done a number 2. I feel like I’ve been anxiously waiting around for her to do business and I’m kind of worrying that this is strange that she hasn’t been to toilet all day.

We’ll see what happens when she wakes up…


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