Pug Stats – Nine Weeks

Polly’s birthday is 01.12.2011 which makes her nine weeks old today! This means that I now have two very special birthdays next to each other, as Gary’s birthday is on the 2nd of December! Smile So on the topic of birthdays and growing up, because I know Polly won’t stay little forever, I thought it would be sweet to keep a note of her development and the size of her so that I can look back when she is older and reflect on how she has grown up!


Here are her current measurements:
– Height – 7″ / 18cm.
– Neck – 8″ / 20.5cm.
– Tummy – 12″ / 30.6cm.
– Leg (Front) – 3″ / 8cm.
– Body (Neck to tail) – 7″ / 18cm.

Polly’s habits:

Training Attempts:
All fairly standard at this early stage.
– Calling her name ‘Polly.’
– Using a crate.
– Using a training pad by the back door for ‘Toilet.’
– Praising with a positive tone in our voices, stroking and giving her a toy.

Training Outcomes:
Again pretty standard for such an early stage.
– Polly is definitely starting to recognise her name as she can respond to it by looking at us for example.
– She doesn’t really like the idea of being put away in her crate at the moment, but this is something she will have to get used to over time.
– So far the training pads have been really good for number 1’s and so hopefully she is getting some idea of her toilet area. Number 2’s have been a bit more challenging, over night she can’t hold her 2’s so she soils in the crate. We’ve had a few accidents in the crate and a couple of successes on the training mat
– Polly responds quite well to praise, she definitely knows when she does something right, but because she’s so little she hasn’t yet put together exactly what she needs to do to achieve the praise.


We have both had a long day bonding and training (we were up at 6.30) It feels like we’ve both got a lot to learn about each other but I’m so looking forward to the journey. Constantly keeping my eye on this little pup has totally taken it out of me – she is most definitely a handful! However, hopefully starting to train Polly from such a young age should pay off and will be rewarding for both of us in the long run.

Let’s watch her grow! x


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