Can You Open Your Eyes Under Water?

Happy Monday! My day started on a positive note which is a great omen because this is the big week – its pug week! We’re picking Polly up on Wednesday. My stomach is feeling giddy with excitement and happy nerves. Eeek! I can’t wait.


Anyway onto a non pug related note, my morning was dedicated to a Mix & Match class and boy did we work our butts off today – phew! Today we incorporated the bars to our workout with some Body Pump related moves and they were so tough. Using weights to tone always makes me aware of how feeble I am – maybe an area for improvement? My upper body was trembling where I’m so weak, its pathetic Winking smile

After class I had a quick dip in the swimming pool to cool off, and I wore my new swimming goggles for the first time. I’ve always loved swimming and when I was young I wore goggles because underwater swimming is the best, but where we didn’t belong to a pool for so many years my goggles have ended up lost or misplaced.


I still really like swimming under the water but where I haven’t had any goggles this was quite tough. I can open my eyes under water without any problem but the chlorine at my pool really stings! I end up with sore, irritated eyes if I swim under the water too much. I realised that I was being silly and that I should just buy myself a new pair of goggles because I use the pool 2/3 times a week so they definitely wouldn’t go to waste.

Can you open your eyes under water?

I tracked down a brand new pair of speedos on eBay last week that arrived in the post on Saturday but I didn’t get to try them out until today. Wow! It felt like my vision had gone from blind and blurry to crystal clear! For the first time I saw the pool under the water.


I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the goggles felt and how well they worked. These will definitely be getting plenty of use from now on – I’m not going back to sore stingy eyes after this.

Back to work tonight. 2 Sleeps to go! x


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