Garden Centre Flop

Today we did a lot of hopping about here and there, without actually getting anywhere. Okay that’s a lie, we got to Zumba, we got to B&Q, we got to town and we got to Elm Court. We just didn’t get to the right place.


A little while ago I was talking about a future project of ours to transform a corner in our garden for Polly. Its a nice shaded and protected area for her to have, but the only issue is that it isn’t quite ready for her yet.


The problem is that the corner is full of gravel. Now with the help of some training books and advice from other dog owners we have decided to take the following approach when it comes to ‘potty training’ Polly: we want to get her as familiar with her corner as possible so that she learns right away from a young age that this is the ‘toilet’. This is all very well but it will be nightmarish trying to pick and clear up dog mess in all that gravel!


So part of our project to making this area puggy-perfect is to replace the gravel with some paving. All the area with gravel, being pointed to by the arrows in the below picture, we aim to cover with paving. The paws are just to symbolise this is the pug’s area now, ha Winking smile 


And because our garden has a lot of curved beddings we are going to get some slabs that are shaped to fit around the tree so it fits in. B&Q and Elm Court were both pretty limited in their selection of paving.


Ideally we need to pick up the slabs on the go rather than order them and wait until they come in. But neither garden centres had exactly what we were after. We’ve used a local building supplier to get paving in the past so we planned on going to look there, but because it‘s only a small business they shut at 12 when we were at Zumba! Boo.


So either tomorrow or Tuesday we intend to go and sort the paving out just so something is in place for Polly’s arrival on Wednesday Smile In the meanwhile I suppose it was good to get an idea of what we want like having shaped tiles for the edge of the beddings.


By the way, garden centres are chilly at this time of year. Oh and they’re fairly quiet. Only the hard-core spend time renovating their gardens in January apparently Winking smile


I am getting very excited for Polly to come home now, I really really just want her home so badly so I’m getting quite worried about the weather forecast for the week.

The slow-moving band of rain and snow becoming increasingly confined to the far west through Tuesday, as colder and brighter conditions with isolated wintry showers push westwards across the UK (Source.)

What the heck does that mean? Sad smile I hope we don’t get snow because it will really effect our 160 mile journey to get my pug! Fingers crossed the weather stays dry!

3 sleeps to go! x


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