I Am A January Joiner

Yesterday in my post I mentioned the January Joiners. Because of the time of year it is, my gym is way busier than usual which both pleases me and annoys me. We’re in that cursed period where loads of people decide to see the new year in with a new gym membership. But for me this month this has meant a busier gym, busier classes and  a busier swimming pool. The facilities would appear to be at an all time peak. Sometimes I barely have room to shower or get dry where the changing rooms become so crowded with people. Its a little bit of a headache and makes me stress out.

Christmas Eve (7)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that these people don’t have a right to be there because they do. Everyone has the right to exercise. Its good to see the leisure club thriving with members and its good to see people getting active. But I don’t know, I just can’t help wishing things would go back to their normal steady ways – which I know it will because that is the thing about January Joiners: they’re just a phase.

However, there are always exceptions to the rule. Back in 2010 I was a January Joiner myself.

Snow (6)

Well to be honest that is a tiny bit of a lie. I was actually a February Joiner but only because we had severe weather conditions in January 2010 and I couldn’t make it to the gym because obviously it was too risky to travel, plus I wasn’t even driving by this point.

After a very indulgent Christmas in 2009 I knew that I wanted something to change. I was bigger than ever before and self conscious about it. But it was more the fact that I felt unhappy with the lifestyle I was leading. In 2010 I was so ready for change, I was so ready to start getting active.

I noticed results almost instantly. Okay not physical results straight away because that took some time. But emotionally, my perspective on things changed so so much. Seeing how unfit I was didn’t blow me down it only ignited a spark in me to get better. Fitness was never a concept that came naturally to me, so everything was a learning curve but I found the journey so fascinating and I still do, two years later!

I know that I don’t have a perfect body, and there are plenty of things that I would change if I could. But something changed in me when I started exercising and I found an appreciation for my body and the skin that I’m in.


In the last 3 months I noticed that I put on a little bit of weight – how much weight I don’t know because I hate the scales – I don’t want my body to be determined by a number under my feet, so I avoid them at all costs. However, certain clothes felt tighter, I started avoiding mirrors and then I started deleting pictures of myself where I looked ‘fat’.

God ‘fat’ is such an ugly word isn’t it?

I didn’t even look fat but truthfully its the feeling you get where you see a picture of yourself and you see something you don’t like. Its a horrible feeling to feel like your unhappy with yourself. Then I got in a rut with all this negative thinking – which can be toxic believe me.

But then a new year rolled around. 2012. A better year I hope. I cleaned my attitude up. Out with the negative and back with the positive – and its amazing what a bit of positive thinking can do! Instead of beating myself up I rationalised with myself, I was being way too lenient with my diet! Where I exercise regularly I was allowing myself to think that I was entitled to a treat because “I deserved it” – well yes okay I’m a firm believer of allowing yourself to have a treat. But god a treat isn’t a treat if you have them all the time is it?!

With my fresh attitude comes a fresh approach to my eating habits, and honestly the hardest part is realising it and correcting it. I already feel so much better in myself, I feel like my confidence in my own body is restored once more.

Its so good to have this feeling back! I was born to have hips, legs and bum! Our bodies are actually kind of amazing. We are what we are – you only live once so just be happy in the skin you’ve got because its beautiful! Stand up and be proud of what you are and what you have achieved…


I Am A January Joiner – and just look at where a little belief can take you….


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