Achieving Your Goals

Sometimes you set big goals. Sometimes you set little ones. Either way, its still a great feeling when you achieve them. When I joined my gym back in September I mentally made a note to myself, to try all of the different types of classes available. I think that its safe to say that I’ve slowly worked my way through that ‘To Try’ list. And it feels like I’ve achieved something positive from doing so.  When my mum joined shortly after I did, we started taking all these classes together – all but one.



Ah, Yoga! Mum and I have both tried Yoga videos in the past but when it came to taking a class in it we never got round to doing so. Then on Monday we happened to get talking to a gentleman in the sauna who had just been in our Mix and Match class, and he was discussing all of the classes he does at our gym. He mentioned the Power Yoga classes and explained what they were like – which encouraged us to try a class today. Oddly though after encouraging us to go he wasn’t present at the class himself today.


Because of the time of year it is (lots of January Joiners*) and just generally being popular, the class was absolutely packed. You could barely see the floor for it being covered in Yoga mats! At first I was thinking ‘oh God I’m going to hate this’ but amazingly it sort of worked out. And to my surprise I far from hated the class Smile


I was a bit worried that Power Yoga would be at a bit of an intermediate level for a beginner like myself. But because I’ve done some Yoga videos I wasn’t totally clueless and it was easy to just go with it.

The class was to music and it was very much just fluidly moving to each track. I liked the flow and the pace that it had. And considering that I haven’t taken a class before it was very simple to follow. I felt as though I moved with the rest of the class the entire time without stumbling over what to do – isn’t it so nice when you don’t make a fool out of yourself in a new class or environment? Winking smile


I will definitely be doing Power Yoga again, in fact I’ve got my name down for next weeks class! I’ve fulfilled my goal of trying a range of classes at my gym so now I can set myself a new goal: to attend all of my favourite classes on a regular basis!

What are some of your goals? 5 Sleeps to go x


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