A Few Updates

Good Afternoon! The weather can not make its mind up today! One minute its pouring, the next minute the sun is shining so brightly that I can’t see my laptop. This morning I submitted my uni essay, which always leaves me with a great feeling of relief. I’ve been busy round the house again today, cleaning, dusting and hovering.


Lunch with a green-inspired-theme today.

Soft brown roll with soft cheese and cucumber, a shiny apple and a mint club bar with a green tea to drink. It was rather appetising actually. The green tea is definitely growing on me! I made it a tad weaker today and I enjoyed it a lot more. Yesterday I didn’t make myself a cup of green tea and I ended up really craving one today! Weird craving?

As well as tidying the house up I’ve also spent the morning giving my blog a tidy up.  You may have noticed a few changes recently like the new header last week, I’ve swapped the layout around a tad and also changed a few pages – be sure to have a nosey!

Modified Pages:
The Boyfriend – Updated.
Travels – Updated.
Polly – New.
Allotment – New.

The page for Polly is still being worked on, and I plan on posting lots of regular updates on how my puppy is doing, in the mean time I will be putting posts about her into her Category down the left hand side of the page. I’ve started an allotment page purely so anyone reading just purely for allotment related stuff can go straight there (like my Grandpops who reads my blog!) haha. I recently joined the Facebook page and thought I could spread some motivation round fellow allotment folk Winking smile

I’ve also now added a share button which you will notice at the end of each post by the comments section, with options to share with WordPress, Twitter and Facebook Smile


And one more thing I’m trying out is a new feature on my homepage where a summary of the post comes up with a ‘Continue Reading’ option.


I think I like it but knowing me I’ll probably change it all round again soon.

6 sleeps till puppy day! x


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