Avoiding The Dirty Work

We managed to avoid doing any dirty work on the plots today. When I say ‘dirty work’ I mean digging the ground on your hands and knees getting caked with mud. And what I forgot to add was that I actually like all of that kind of stuff now anyway, so it was a little bit disappointing when I left the allotment rather clean today. Winking smile


Today we only went up to have a little check and see everything was doing well. But we did go with a plan. Pops is a member of the allotment committee and so has this neat little diagram of the whole site. It shows what plots are taken and being worked on and what ones are vacant.

I gather that it goes like this; green are occupied, blue are unconfirmed and red are empty.


Our plot is down the far corner, like so:


So what progress have we been making on 116? Well we haven’t been for over a week now and the last time we made any significant progress was when we planted some fruit trees in week nine. We’re now into our eleventh week.


Craig was kind enough to put our posts up for us. Smile


Our plot from the side.


And because we didn’t do any real work today, we had a nice old nosey at some of the other plots. It was great to see other plots, you can tell that some people put a lot of time and effort into them.





While, on other plots its clear that zero effort has gone into it.



Having a look at some of the empty plots was one of the reasons why we went up there today. Its important to get the unused plots up and going so Pops is trying to organise some keen owners for them!

He may not have to look too far…


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