Things I’m Loving: January

Time for the first Things I’m Loving post of the year! I totally forgot to write one for December, but hey I was busy writing lots of festive filled posts instead. And I’m doing January’s post a few days early to make up for it Smile


Uggs are like marmite – you either love them or you hate them. Luckily for me I love them. I got a pair for Christmas and absolutely adore how warm and comfy they are. Okay I accept the argument that they do make your feet look big and chunky but seriously – its just so warm and soft inside these boots for the cold winter months who cares? We’re wrapped up in chunky coats and layers at this time of year anyway! Then in the January sales they had the dark boots reduced on ASOS and I kind of realised maybe the light boots aren’t so practical and well I couldn’t help myself. Now a couple of weeks down the line I could really do with a spare £100. Oh well at least I’ll have warm feet when I walk the dog?


New gym bag.

Ah. Another item that I bought in the sales this month! My old bag really had to go. And well this one is just so much better on a number of levels. One, its Cath Kidston and if you knew me at all you would know how I am slightly obsessed with CK at the moment. Two, well again just look how pretty it is! Three, its practical and fits my stuff in. Win, win, win?



My taste in fashion really does change as the seasons do. In the summer I love nothing more than dainty little dresses, sandals and vests. And now look at me. I’m currently writing about chunky uggs and hoodies. Who am I? Yes I am that girl who secretly enjoys to wrap up in a thick hoody and hide away on a rainy day. Not so secret now though is it?


Mix & Match.

I tried my first class of Mix & Match way back at the start of December, but what with Christmas and everything I didn’t properly get into it until this month. I can honestly say that I love this class. It is so punishing, but in a brilliant way! Katie, the original instructor is ill at the moment but a lady called Mel has taken her place and she is as equally brilliant as Katie was. Seriously this class is the best! The first quarter of class is spent getting our heart rates up which can be anything from jumping on the spot, shuffling, jacks, you name it! Then the rest of class is spent on toning certain areas. I actually think that if you did this class every week you could end up with a body like the poster would suggest Winking smile


Swimming Costumes.

Serious respect for Primark here! Everywhere I look swimming costumes set you back about £30 a time but in Primark you can get two and it doesn’t even cost you that! I was pleased to see Primark had all their new swimwear out a couple of weeks ago and I got these two lovelies. I finally fit in at the pool – hardly any women wear bikinis in the pool so I felt like I stood out a bit. But not anymore! I really like the blue one too. And both have tummy control!


Desperate Housewives.

The return of one of my favourite television shows this month made me a very happy girl! I enjoy the fact that I can sit down and completely unwind to this show.  Its weird because as the series goes on my favourite character always changes, Gabby is currently in top spot at the moment. I’m sure going to miss it now is the final season.


Chocolate Weetabix.

Why hello there, the Chocolate bix were on offer in Tesco this month and my mum treated me to a packet! There is definitely something about starting your day on a chocolaty kick that puts you in a good mood. I stick mine in the microwave for a minute to create a warm, mushy bowl of chocolate mess. Dee-lish.



Who would have imagined that January would be such a good month for me? I always moan about January because nothing ever happens. Well something did happen for me this year: after months of pleading with my parents, and weeks of searching the internet my calls were answered – I found my puppy! It still doesn’t seem real! And it doesn’t take a genius to work out that Polly is already one loved little pug, and she isn’t even home with us yet!


How did 2012 start for you? x


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