How Not To Use A Harness

Well, like I did today.


Do not be fooled by this apparently cute looking device. Its confusing. You can tell I’ve not had a dog before can’t you?

Meet Patch. Patch was my helper today.


Actually he was helpless. And so was I.


We gave up the will to live and ended up like this:



I ordered a puppy harness online at the end of last week and it came in the post today, so excitedly, I tried it on the toy dog. It didn’t work and now its all in a tangle. I was too ashamed to even take a picture of the tangled mess I made the harness. How will I ever fit it on a fidgety pug?! Ah well, got to learn.

Today I had to get my serious essay head on. So the dining room table was turned into my desk.


These were my friends today.


And I managed to work well and distraction free until the postman delivered my parcel.


For lunch – a soft roll to tide me by.


9 sleeps to go! x


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