Simply Spice Is Simply Scrummy

During the week it was my Mum’s old school friend Dianne’s husband Barry’s 50th birthday. That sentence was a mouthful, sorry.


Basically, Barry turned 50 this week so mum and dad and another couple went to Simply Spice for a celebratory curry. Gary was out last night in Brighton so I would have been on my own for the evening, but as chance had it, Dianne’s daughter Anna was also going to be on her own last night too, so we both received a last minute invitation along with everyone. Any excuse for a curry I say!

Pre-Indian picture at home:


It was my first time at this particular Indian and I liked it a lot! I hadn’t been out for a curry for ages – I shouldn’t leave it so long next time.

The layout was light and open with booths and long tables around opposite walls. Its not a large restaurant but because of the long tables it managed to fit a lot of people in. I liked the laid back atmosphere the place emitted.


While we pondered the menu we passed the poppadoms and dip round.


Obviously I coated mine in generous helpings of mango chutney – love this stuff.


I was a little indecisive over the intensive menu so I went with a recommendation from my mum. She suggested that I try the Fish Pakora for my appetiser:

Salmon, delicately spiced and dipped in our home made batter and fried. A very light mouth watering appetiser – Restaurant’s official description.


I’ve seen Pakora on menus before and I’ve always wondered what it was so I was glad to finally try some. It was definitely a good shout! This appetiser was simply delicious! It came with three bite size pieces of fish in a scrummy batter. The salmon was extremely light, exactly as the menu promised and went very well with the spicy tomato dip on the plate which was rather rich. The contrast of light and rich worked excellently to fully enhance the flavours of the dish.


I will definitely be having this dish again!

While still on the topic of starters, my dad ordered one that had everyone’s attention at the table: Tandoori Fish – which came out on a hot plate steaming!


Trout marinated and cooked in tandoori oven.

I tried a bite and it was as equally delicious to my own starter! Fish + curry = winning! My poor boyfriend would be shaking his head at me if he read this. Sorry babe.

Onto a meal that I think my boyfriend would have enjoyed, my main course Chicken Tikka Shaslik.


I also really liked this meal, as it was so flavourful and filling. I enjoyed plenty of sides with my main including mushroom rice, some garlic naan, a samosa and curried vegetables.


So much food being passed round the table!


After heavily indulging in all of that yumminess, everyone wound down with a cup of coffee (which also tasted so GOOD, nicest cup of coffee in forever!)


Conversation between the women jumped from family, to friends, then to Facebook as my Mum is the only one out of her friends who has it, so I added Anna as a quick way for us all to keep in touch (and be nosy.) As you could predict the conversation between the men jumped from football, to football to football.


However there was also plenty of puppy talk across the table too Open-mouthed smile all of my mum’s friends are crazy about their dogs so it was nice to finally fit in with all the doggy conversation for the first time ever! Yay!

It ended up being a late night, my head hit the pillow just after 1am which after a 6am start yesterday has left me feeling a little tired and tetchy all day long. x


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