Getting Ready For A New Addition

In under two weeks we will have a new addition to our family. So its time to start making our house feel more like a home for little Polly Smile

Although I study from home and only work part time, obviously there will be times when Polly is going to be by herself, so I have ordered her a little pen on the internet. We had a good think about where the pen is going to go, and finally came up with an idea. Under our stairs we have got quite a lot of room – however it is taken up with some large bits of furniture.


We got our tape measure out and checked that the puppy play pen would fit under there, which it did. So our first job in getting ready for Polly, was a) to order the crate (which I did late Tuesday night) and b) to have a play around with furniture to create more space.


So yesterday afternoon before I went to work Mum and I began moving the furniture. In the process of doing that we had to move all of the ornaments off the furniture we were moving and so our dining room was a big mess.


My mum started flipping out when I got the camera out to take a picture of all the chaos. “That’s not going on the blog!” She told me firmly. Errr okay then Mum? Smile


The bookshelf with all our CDs on was relatively heavy but we managed to slowly shuffle it into its new spot by the curtains by moving everything out our way.


It looks really nice in its new corner!


We don’t know why we haven’t thought to move it there before! The stool/storage box has been moved into the living room next to the side of one of the sofas. (It still needs a cushion put on it.)


And now, see how much space we have under our stairs!


We’ve also decided to buy a rug for our living room (called the Pug Rug) as we have carpet in there so hopefully if we have any accidents they will be on the mat.





Pretty nice eh?

The cadge arrived this morning !


And I fitted it together like a pro Winking smile


Although I must admit I wasn’t feeling so confident when I saw it out of the box all flat packed. Luckily it was easy to construct!


Another really nice idea we have come up with is to transform a corner of our garden as an area specially for Polly.


There is a lovely area in our garden that always has plenty of shade throughout the day which we thought would be perfect for the pug! Lots of room to play, rest, go to toilet and so on.


We’re planning on getting rid of all the stones and getting some pavement put in, having a little picket fence around the edge and also a kennel for some added comfort. It should be really nice Smile 

Later today I’m going to Pets At Home to have a look at some more puppy bits and pieces just in case I wasn’t already pugged out for the day! Hehe!


Polly’s already turning out to be an extremely loved little pug! Can’t wait to have her home! 13 sleeps to go! x


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