Spending Vs. Saving

I really should know better than to go out shopping on payday, because now I’m going to spend he rest of the week living like a poor person until next Friday rolls around. Definitely worth it though!


Gary and I hit the high street today to spend some more money and in Gary’s case vouchers. His brother got him some Superdry vouchers for his birthday and the store at Bluewater is pretty naff, unlike the awesome one in Lakeside which is a huge Cult store (full of Superdry stuff) but we didn’t want to drive all the way to Lakeside so our next best option was the high street!


On arrival Gary treated us to some lunch Smile


Subway! Its been a while!


I chose a 6 inch sub with turkey, lettuce, cucumber and pepper.


It was straight to the shops once lunch was eaten up.

Obviously the Superdry shop was high on our list of priorities today, but I was also keen to go in New Look and Primark. I saw some body warmers on New Look’s website (I think they’re called gilets but I really hate the sound of that word so I’m sticking with body warmers) however I think they must have been new stock as I couldn’t see them anywhere in store. I ended up coming home and buying them online Smile with tongue out

I wasn’t completely unsuccessful because I was chuffed to see that Primark already had a new swim wear range we’ve I’ve been eagerly waiting for as I need a swimming costume that doesn’t cost the earth. I got two costumes under the price of what one costume is elsewhere.


And quite dissimilarly, some more winter wear which was further reduced.


Plus one more, that was a bit more expensive: Superdry hoody! I’m so hooked on hoodies, warm and so cosy! Gary persuaded me into this purchase Smile but I think it was a wise decision.


Now I’m going to live like a poor person, not touching a penny unless its being moved to my savings! Need to have the right balance of spending and saving again…


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