Winter Cravings

Its that time of the evening again. I find myself trailing to the kitchen, filling the kettle up with water, switching it on, reaching in the cupboard to find my big trusty mug – yep its hot chocolate time!


I definitely have different cravings during the year, it was the same last winter with my obsession for hot chocolate. I went through a phase of buying a variety of flavours too, we had a pot of orange drinking chocolate, a pot of mint drinking chocolate, a pot of brownie and so on.


This year we just have straight forward Cadbury’s milk chocolate. I think that the boyfriend is chuffed that I’ve got a taste for drinking chocolate again at the moment, because it means that he gets treated to one too. The other night I made us both hot chocolate that we drank in bed, and it was blissful. Barely an hour passed before we were both cuddled up and drifting off into a peaceful sleep. Cosy times.


Its pretty comforting snuggling up to a big mug of sweet,bubbly drinking chocolate an hour or so before bed time. Speaking of bed time, I’ve been having really late nights for my standard for the past week (gone midnight) so I’m really tired!

Today has consisted of a keep fit class, uni work, and a walk round the block with my mum this evening. My body and brain are ready for bed now.

Off to get a semi early night and catch up with some sleep –  doing a bit of shopping tomorrow! Goodnight x


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