And Then There Were Fruit Trees

Today was one of those rare, perfect winter days where the sun shines low in the sky and the breeze is gentle and cool, but not too chilly. The low sun does makes for terrible picture taking though. I tried my best today, but some of todays pictures look bright and shadowy. However it was still a really beautiful day.



At the beginning of the year my Mum ordered four fruit trees that arrived yesterday looking like this:


Obviously we needed to get them planted ASAP, so after lunch today we headed up to the allotment to get our trees planted. We haven’t been up to the allotment for ages due to the holiday period, so naturally we haven’t made any progress since week six and now we’re into week nine! Although we’ve taken small steps, I’m still pleased with how far we’ve come already. There is no avoiding the fact that we’ve still got a long way to go, but we’re ploughing through!


Everyone was there today at some point Smile


Right first things first; putting the tree roots into some water while we decided where to plant them.



Like so:


Then we had to decide where we wanted to plant the trees.


Because we still have lots of fruit yet to arrive and the intention of growing vegetables too, we need as much space as possible. Craig has planted some trees in his section of the plot so we thought that we would put ours in line with them as that will still leave us with space to grow.


Dad got moaning digging straight away.


We had to make sure that it was deep enough,


so that the roots of the tree easily went into the earth.


Once the roots were in I helped hold the stem up,


while we filled the earth back up with soil and some manure.


And whilst the tree is so fragile we got a bamboo stick to help support it.


Voila, we have a cherry tree up. Smile


We repeated this three more times. Twice more in the surrounding area, and then once again by the compost shed.


(The sun was really beaming down when I took these pictures so I couldn’t get a very clear shot.)


The lonely tree by the compost shed.


Meanwhile I was busy digging a trench ready for when our raspberry canes arrive.



I finally got round to sorting myself out something else to wear and I got to wear it for the first time today.


I dug out a warm body warmer with a collar that I got from Primark that I’ve never worn, and a fleece that I bought from Marks a couple of days ago. I got the fleece in an extra large size, so that I can wear it over loads of layers.


It worked in keeping me warm while not swamping me. Like this fleece did:


Better yes? (Minus the really dorky expression on my face below. )


Not exactly a proud moment having to step out my house wearing this, but thankfully we are quite secluded up at the allotment, and I’ve got to keep warm! Hopefully my normal style makes up for this little wardrobe malfunction. 


Matching colours. Winking smile


I also made sure not to wear wellies and my feet were much better in boots! No cold toes today, which made me very happy.



Here is a quick summary of what we currently have planted on the plot now:
– Redcurrants
– Cherries
– Pears
– Plums
– Apples

My grandma lent us some books which I’ve been meaning to look through as they should be helpful to us. Unfortunately having an essay to do puts me off wanting to pick up another chunky, information filled book. But I’m sure I will have a look at some point soon.


Not too sure when we’ll next be up the allotment so it was good to get some jobs done today! x


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