Time Passes

Hands up if your weekend flew by? Mine totally did, and before we know it Monday is going to be here again. Phew. I need the clock to slow down a little bit. I can’t stop pondering over how quickly the clocks turning recently, the other day I was having a conversation about all the different walks that we used to go on, and ever since its really got me thinking about the passage of time.


When I was young we used to go on beautiful walks every Sunday morning in the countryside varying in length from five to a couple of miles. Both of my grandparents would go, sometimes they would invite their friends who enjoyed walking too, my aunt would occasionally come as well and take my cousins with her – so it really was a big old family get together.

But over time we gradually stopped doing all of these pretty walks in the countryside which I find a great shame, because they really were lovely.. I guess that life gets in the way of these things.

Petrol going up in price is definitely one reason why we don’t do these walks so much anymore. You have to consider the price of these journeys now, whereas in the past we would just get in our car and go without even thinking about the price above our heads. It becomes an expense now that sometimes you just have to cut out.

Then a couple of years ago when my granddad’s mobility got really bad my dad’s parents had to stop walking and that sort of changed things too as  it was like an end of an era without Billy Boy there.

***59.Perry Wood walk 27.12.03 005

I’m going off topic a bit now, so this conversation I had between my mum and grandparents was actually just discussing how long it had been since we had done particular walks that we used to really enjoy.

We worked out that it had to be at least five years ago since we had done a lot of them. I stopped for a minute and was like: Where the hell have the last five years gone? The harder I think about it the scarier the thought is. And its frightening because it seems like two minutes ago.

Yet, my life has changed so so much in the last five years its incredible. Five years ago I was a chubby teenage girl worrying that I would never be kissed by a boy. Five years ago I didn’t really feel like I belonged anywhere. Five years ago I was just a fraction of the person that I feel like I’ve become today. And I still feel like I’ve got so much more yet to be.

DSCN7217-1Why did I spend so many years worrying about being kissed, worrying that I would never have a boyfriend? Why did I worry about so called ‘friends’ that I don’t even keep in touch with now? Because as soon as I stopped worrying, I started living.

The last five years have been big, but I don’t think I’d like to go back in time five years ago and be that girl who wasn’t really quite sure who she was yet. Five years ago I would have been embarrassed to even write about enjoying walking in the countryside. But now I just think that that was sad. My interests make me happy so why should I hide that from anyone? If they don’t like it that’s their problem.

Then I get to thinking about the next five years of my life and that is another daunting thought. Hopefully the next five years will be even more life changing. Despite the gloomy times we live in I would like to look forward to the future. Sometimes I find the future exciting. Other times I find it frightening.

Really went off on one here, but this has been buzzing round my brain for days now and I needed to put it somewhere… So there it is.


Anyway, back to talking about present day now. Well, this weekend at least. Yesterday we did a few bits and bobs, walked to the Smallholders for a drink in the evening and then came back and watched a movie.


Blue Valentine to be precise. I’ve wanted to watch it for ages and I got it for Christmas. While the acting is faultless, I found it so depressing. I’m glad I’ve seen it but I wouldn’t want to watch it again.

Today, we went to Perry Wood to do one of my favourite walks. But we think its even been a couple of years since we’ve even been on this one! Its one of my favourites because I used to like this one a lot when I was younger.







One of the reasons that this walk stood out to me as a child was because, we walk through a field surrounded by wooded area, sort of in the middle of nowhere and there is an old derelict bungalow which we used to think was a ‘haunted house’ but just look at it, it still creeps me out even now.


Just imagine stumbling across this in the dark. Eeek!


But up close all it really is, is an old neglected building full of junk. Not so scary right?


Hmmm, still unconvinced! I bet there are a few goblins hiding in there somewhere. Winking smile


And onto a more pleasant picture, my Mum Smile




I was pretty wrapped up and content the whole way round. I love my knitted headbands Red heart






We could tell that it had been a while since we’d done this walk because so much looked different today. The garden of the pub we always pass seemed a little run down.



And it seemed like lots of trees had been cut down as the views we had were much clearer than usual.



We could see for miles and miles. Especially from this viewpoint. Imagine a clear day full of undisrupted countryside views up there.





Time for another week to start again, lets see how quickly this ones going to go shall we?


*** Me and Mum in the same woods we were in today almost 10 years ago.


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