Sales Sales Sales

Shopping when the sales are on can be very hit and miss. You set out to bag some bargains but all you find on the rails is junk. Generally speaking its better to hit the sales early or all of the decent stuff is gone. You search through the stands and shelves without any luck, so your eyes end up wandering to all the new, full priced collections, which completely undermines the reason why you set out in the first place! To save some money!

So when Gary and I planned to go shopping today, well over a week after the sales started, I was a bit doubtful that we would have a successful trip.


However, much to my surprise I actually had a very productive shop and bought some great goodies in the sales! I’m chuffed with everything I got! I only bought one thing today that wasn’t in the sale lines.

I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for in particular today, which can either make or break a trip for me. I have great shops where I know what I want to get beforehand and end up doing so, then I’ll have a naff shop where I’ll want something but nothing quite catches my eye. Or like today, I have no idea what I’m setting out for and end up coming home with a car boot full of shopping bags.

Top picks from today:


Grey pair of skinny jeans from Levi’s. Skinny jeans = an incentive to actually try and get my legs slimmer. #WorkIt


A shirt that I’m planning to wear over a black vest, which I thought was a really good price. Originally cost: £45 I paid: £22


I debated this Franklin & Marshall hoody inside my head, their hoodies are just so expensive when full priced (£80) so even when they’re on sale they are still expensive. I tried it on and it felt so snug and comfy that it won me over. I ended up buying it because I knew I would regret it if I didn’t. I’m glad I made that decision in the end. I put one of my Christmas vouchers towards buying it Smile

Lastly, a few silly bits from today;


Some pug socks. I just couldn’t help myself. They are so darn cute, not to mention cosy too! These were the only thing I bought at full price today.

And then I got a mini bag from Cath Kidston which I’m going to use to take to the allotment. I don’t want to take one of my best bags because firstly I don’t need everything in them and also because I wouldn’t like to spoil them by getting it dirty. All I take (minus the gardening equipment obviously) is my phone, camera, tin of vaseline and packet of tissues – all items that will perfectly fit in my little bag. It was only £4 so I could hardly go wrong!

Not too shabby for a day’s work wouldn’t you say? x


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