How To Work Up A Sweat Without Going To The Gym

The answer to that? Go to the cinema and watch The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, now! It won’t disappoint I promise.


I finally feel like some kind of routine is swinging back in force after the Christmas break. Although I wasn’t quite ready to face the first week back to normality I’m happy to get a routine back in place.

This morning Mum and I took our usual 8.30am Pilates class, and it felt good to get back on the mat after a couple of weeks off. Our usual instructor, Julie, was on holiday for a couple of weeks at the beginning of December and although they replaced her with another instructor, I wasn’t really too impressed with her so skipped those weeks classes. Then of course over Christmas the classes were all off, so it felt like a while since we had a decent Pilates session.


As always I walked out of the class feeling fresh and ready to face the day. Its a struggle waking up so early to arrive on time but its always worth the effort.


As the title of my post suggests, the highlight of today was most certainly watching The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo at the cinema. Dad and I took Grandma and Pops along with us, as they have read the books and wanted to see it too, so that was enjoyable. As usual we did an Orange Wednesday, and one for Grandma and Pops.

photo (3)

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the film, as I hadn’t watched too many trailers for it (which in my opinion can certainly spoil films as they give so much away) and I generally didn’t know what it was going to be about at all.

Well the film completely knocked me off my feet if I’m honest. It was so engrossing and shocking that I was on edge the entire time the film ran. By the end, I had worked up a mean sweat where it was so tense and gripping, (I also blame the fact that I had too many layers on as I’m usually freezing at the cinema but today I was noticeably warmer.)


The acting was brilliant, especially the actress who played the leading character, Rooney Mara. It is uncomfortable to watch at times with the violence, but because it is so interesting you seem to overlook this unpleasantness as the storyline develops. As the film went on I completely ended up sympathising with the main character, Lisbeth too.

I would say that this is a brilliant omen on the film front for 2012. I would score it a high 9/10 if asked.

What have you seen at the cinema recently? x


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