First Trip To The Seaside

After a slow and lethargic start to January, today I actually managed to venture out of the house. After a late night Saturday, we were all like zombies yesterday. The weather was horrible and only gave us more of an excuse to stay wrapped up in the house all day long. I think I spent the entire day in the same spot in front of the television with my laptop planted on my lap. Sometimes I love days where I stay in all day long. Other times like yesterday, I begin to feel like a cadged animal. Lets just say I really wanted to get out the house today.


It was nice to wake up this morning to my new 2012 calendar, which is enough to start any day on the right foot.. just look at that adorable pug face!



I was supposed to have a Mix and Match class at 10 this morning but it was called off as Katie, the instructor is poorly. I was sort of gutted because I really could have done with a kick start this week. Never mind.

We still went to the gym, but as you can expect it was packed. I wasn’t surprised, lots of January Joiners and people trying to set a good tone for the new year, yet it still kind of held me back from having a good workout. Tomorrow will be a better day exercise wise hopefully.


This afternoon we took our very first trip to the seaside this year. It was lovely! Although the temperature was perishing, the beautiful sunshine made it completely worth it. We strolled through the high street and the majority of shops were closed for the bank holiday yet it was still flooded with people and dog walkers everywhere. So we quickly moved on to walk along by the sea front where we had a bit more space.


The sea breeze was very refreshing, especially after being trapped indoors all day yesterday. I also think that there’s something extremely cosy about wrapping up warm to go to the seaside on a winters day.


It was nice to just stroll around in an attempt to stay warm.


We walked along by the harbour wall where all the boats were lined up.



Until we had done a round loop back to the car park. I love the seaside Red heart



For dinner, a rather seaside inspired dish:


Fish and ‘chips.’ T’was scrummy

I hope that there are plenty more trips to the seaside in store for us this year x


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