Tears, Beers And Cheers To Another New Year.

Happy New Year!


(Yes I had a little bit too much fun on Picasa this morning…)

I still can not believe its time for another year to start again. Time is going so quickly its untrue. In the same style of the year itself the evening was eventful to say the least.

After some indecision and a clash of plans for the evening Gary and I ended up floating about for the night. If anyone knows me well they know that I’m not a party going kind of girl and I’m not a lover of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, so New Years Eve can kind of be a bit of a ‘blah’ kind of night if you don’t pick your plans or company correctly. But it sort of worked out in the end.

We started off seeing some of Gary’s friends for a few hours and then headed out to a pub to spend the rest of the night with my parents and their old school friends.


The pub was lively and full of people which made for a fun atmosphere. My Mum met her two school friends Nicola and Dianne and their families so it was a nice gathering of familiar faces.


The evening started respectably without any embarrassing party hats. However it didn’t take long for drunken shenanigans to throw respectable behaviour out of the window, all the more amusing for us sober people to witness I say Winking smile


Just after midnight the entire pub was rushed outside for ‘fireworks’



It was very nippy outside and after a little while the giddy crowd of people realised there wasn’t going to be any fireworks, some started chanting ‘why are we waiting’ in slurred tones which was funny to listen to. Then suddenly, instead of fireworks there were a load of streaking men running from the pub’s car park! Everyone began hysterically cheering them, which looking back was hilarious.


One of the streaking men was Dianne’s husband Barry, who accidently ended up tripping over! After confirmation that he was ok this just added even more hilarity to the spectacle.


After a lot of pointing and giggling at the scene, everyone returned inside where the DJ was really kicking off the party with cheesy party anthems that everyone seemed to love!


Plenty were up and dancing.



Those who weren’t dancing were passing round the beers, (diet cokes in my case)


or passing round the party hats.











There were signs of a fun night everywhere towards the end!


How did 2012 start for you?


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