Annual End Of Year Tidy And Gym Bag Fail

Today I had my annual bedroom sort out, which always takes place between Christmas and New Year for me. I always like to sort out my room regularly but especially so before we see a new year in. Out with the old and in with the new sort of thing. Another reason that I sort my room out is to make some space for my lovely goodies I got for Christmas and send some stuff that I perhaps don’t need anymore to a charity bag.

Because I sort my room out quite frequently I didn’t think it would be a big job but somehow it turned into a mammoth task and mess:


How many unused coat hangers do I need exactly!?


So I spent the majority of the morning wedged into all my worldly possessions on my bedroom carpet.




It soon looked its normal tidy self in no time though.



I made a few changes in my wardrobe, after getting rid of my coat hangers I’ve replaced that bit of space with my new boots and a few other bits. I’ve also put my jackets at the back of my wardrobe for a change too. It looks nice and tidy.


On another side note, I think that I may have put too much stuff in my gym bag. #Fail.

I have taken full advantage of the sales and have a new gym bag on its way, third time lucky perhaps? I literally struggle to zip this one up and that isn’t even mentioning how heavy the damn thing is.



Tonight we took the Christmas decorations down, its officially all over for another year. So far my plans for New Years eve are looking pretty hazy, but I’m sure I will try and make the best of the evening..


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