Bloated On Boxing Day

For children Boxing Day is a time to play with all your lovely new toys from Father Christmas. For the rest of us Boxing Day is a time to wind down after all the festivities from yesterday. We did some serious winding down today.


In the morning I tidied my presents and moved them all upstairs into my bedroom, and before lunch the three of us went out for a walk around the woods in an attempt to get a bit of exercise and walk off some of the food we indulged in yesterday.

Some pictures from our walk:













The temperature was just right, not too chilly but not too warm so we were all pretty content for the duration of our walk. We were walking for just under an hour and by the time we had finished we were slowly beginning to work up an appetite, which I thought was impossible after the food consumption yesterday but there you go.

For the hell of it we had another big buffet/help yourself type of lunch, Gary came along too. The afternoon was consequently spent in a lazy slumber of restlessness. We all sat down to watch Gary’s new Christmas DVD, The Inbetweeners Movie, drank cups of tea and dozed in and out of consciousness .

So all in all,  I’ve probably spent 2/3 of Boxing Day on the sofa. How was your Boing Day spent? x


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