Crime Scene In The Front Garden

Its Christmas Eve Eve! Holy crap how is it Christmas Day on Sunday? The festivities are ready to kick off in full swing in a matter of hours, but firstly onto a random sight my Mum and I both observed earlier today:


Murder took place in our front garden this morning! There were feathers scattered everywhere about the lawn and path and then we spotted this bird which we think might be a hawk plucking feathers out of a collar dove.


The bird was in the hedges but we got so close to it (about 2 feet away) and it wasn’t at all fearful of us. We stood closely to it for long enough to snap a few pictures of it.


After we had had a good stare at the bird of prey we went inside and about an hour or so later when we went to go out it was still out there! We must have finally scared it off because it flew away the second time we had a peak, and it wasn’t until it flew over our head with a half eaten collar dove in its claws that I realised how big it was. I was worried that it was going to get dropped on our heads, would not have enjoyed a half demolished bird on me!

It was really weird watching a bird like that so closely!


We had a bit of a bitty morning but we did lots of walking, we walked to the shops for some last minute bits and then we decided to walk and pick Mum’s car up as it was getting its tyres changed. So in total we spent about an hour walking in the fresh air which was nice and refreshing. For dinner we went to the Smallholders, which was busy and merry.


We went down early and luckily got a table!



Gary ordered a burger with egg and bacon which looked pretty awesome. The burger was massacred in 2 minutes flat. #HungryBoy


But my dinner was quite impressive too, I was a little unconventional and had pasta with pork meatballs and a tomato sauce. I swear I always have pasta when we eat out? Not complaining, this meal was yummy! I was a bit worried about trying something different as I wouldn’t normally go for meatballs but it was worth a gamble.


Home to watch Love Actually, just in time for Christmas! Smile 


Thursday I had my work Christmas party which was interesting to say the least, I’m glad that I managed to stay respectable the entire night unlike last year. I failed in the camera department which is unlike me and took one picture in front of the tree before I left. Please note the wonky star on our tree.


Bring on the Christmas weekend!


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