Christmas Is All Around


I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes? Aha. Winking smile





Its everywhere you go..





Our house sings Christmas from head to toe! I think we’re all ready for tomorrow now! The seasonal spirit is contagious, I love it.

Lunch was a lemony old affair today:


Lemon curd on fresh seedy bread, I have such a kick for lemon at the moment. So yummy. The seeds gave it an awesome texture. And yeah I still try and sneakily suck the lemon that I get with my diet cokes sometimes. One day I will grow up.

With two lemon slices on the side. Christmas treat and all?


Aren’t cakes and muffins so pretty to photograph?



I’m pretty much sorted with presents and wrapping, but I still find myself needing to pop to the shops today for some last minute bits. What a pain. Oh well, bit of exercise to walk, no way taking the car out to a shopping centre on Christmas eve.

Tonight my mum is making mince curry, we’ll pop round to see my grandparents and then later on I’m out with Gary and his pals.

Its going to be a good Christmas!


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