Christmas Traditions

Christmas is getting so close now, you can definitely feel it. I don’t know about you but this is my favourite time of the year, I think the reason that I love Christmas so much is all the traditions that you relive year after year.

Some Of My Favourite Christmas Traditions:

– Starting The Celebrations On Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve (17)

I love kicking off the celebrations on Christmas Eve, we usually go out for drinks or occasionally a meal and wherever you go the atmosphere is always buzzing. I’ve had so many fun Christmas Eves over the years! I enjoy that its like the one evening where everyone is mutually merry and in good spirits. So far we don’t have any plans for this Christmas Eve, but last minute spontaneous plans always turn out to be the best right?

– Opening Presents First Thing In The Morning.


Ever since I can remember, on Christmas morning we wake up early (one year when I was about seven or eight it was as early as five am, I was that excited…) and open our presents in front of the fireplace. Its always done downstairs in the living room and its always done first thing in the morning. When I was young and still believed in Father Christmas, my Dad would go downstairs first to ‘check’ and I would wait at the top of the stairs until I head those magic words “He’s been!” Christmas was simply the best as a child!

– Turkey.

Christmas Day (64)

Ah, turkey for Christmas lunch is a must, it wouldn’t be Christmas if there wasn’t a turkey cooking in the oven. It fills the house up with a delicious smell and of course it tastes so good. We only get turkey once a year so it always feels special when we have it.

– Sitting Up For Christmas Dinner.

Christmas Day (7)

Another tradition that I love at Christmas is sitting up to eat our roast together. We eat at the table all year round anyway, but it always feels extra special at Christmas as we dress the table up with a festive table cloth, get the best serving cutlery out, light little candles and so on. My mum’s roast dinners are lovely all year round but I particularly look forward to her Christmas dinners, I seriously need to be a good cook like her one day!

Seeing All Of The Family.

Christmas Day (53)

For years and years the 25th December has gone like this for us: my mum cooks us and my dad’s parents lunch at home and then in the evening we all head down to see my mum’s side of the family at my Grandma’s, where everyone goes and there is a house full. But obviously this year is going to be a bit different as it will only be my Nan coming to us for lunch, which will probably feel a bit strange. But the evening at my Grandparents is always fun and games with a house full of family members.

Grandma’s Super Supper.

Christmas Day (52)

Last but not least, another Christmas tradition that you have to look forward to in our family is my grandma’s super supper in the evening, which is basically a huge buffet spread of food that she serves up for our dinner – Oh my gosh there is always so much good food, meat and cheeses, sausage rolls, salad, pasta, crisps, and trifle one year according to the above picture ?! (This was her buffet spread Christmas day 2009, see I’m not kidding when I said there’s loads of food!)

What are your favourite Christmas Traditions? x


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