Beating The Head Cold

Old clever clogs here has ended up with a head cold, that could not have come on a more inconvenient week! Sniff! Sneeze! Cough! Its making me cranky. But I’m the only one to blame for it though, the minute that the boyfriend gets a cold its inevitable that I will end up with it too! Whenever he’s poorly all I want to do is kiss and cuddle him as I hate seeing him run down, and then bam! a few hours later I’ve caught the rotten thing!


So I’m trying to be as logical as possible to get rid of this thing and beat the head cold before Christmas. Well ideally I would like to beat this thing as soon as possible but as long as its gone by the weekend I’ll be happy.

I’m hoping that Olbas Oil is going to be a life saver this week! I have a love hate relationship with this stuff, it doesn’t half stink but it really does help with the congestion.

Today and tomorrow are my last shifts before the Christmas break, despite the cold I’m feeling pretty excited about this week!


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